Still having issues with the api key

Still having issues with the api key

Niklas: Hi

Hi. I can email you the R screenshot

Niklas: Can you post the url from onboard form you use?

I don’t understand the question

Niklas: Did you register on ?

Yes. I have a call with Matthias scheduled for tomorrow.

Niklas: Ok

but really want to get this tutorial working today…

Niklas: Have you added your datasources on

I believe so. multiple times.

Niklas: do you need the upgraded GA with user id vs session id to get attribution modeling to work?

Niklas: Ok what is the url you see there in destination tab?<API_KEY>&date_preset=last_7d&fields=campaign,medium,sessions,source,clicks,spend,email

so the api starts with a 1 and ends with a 7 right?

Niklas: Yes

maybe library(httr) vs require(“httr”)


in R

can you see if I pulled in all my data correctly?

Niklas: You can skip that bearer key

And just get the json from the url you sent

Our instructions are a bit old it seems

I’m confused.

Can you reply to my email with the code (minus the api key please) ?

Niklas: Ok


After that works, I have one more question

Niklas: Ok

So, it seems like you either need a session id or a visitor id to do attribution modeling. Thats a GA premium thing which me and nobody you pays you probably has. I’m assuming one of you two figured out how to create a virtual visitor id somehow which is genius. Am I right?

should I look for the code in my email or are you updating the blog post code?

Niklas: I’ll reply to email

regarding the sessionid/userid… the only other way I saw to solve was by using which is much slower . If you stitched it together to create a virtual one, well done.

Niklas: ok I see the problem you would need to generate an CPA or ROAS dashboard

I don’t know how to do that.

Niklas: in onboard form you click dashboard

We are loading the data and creating the dashboard (basic), it can take a few minutes. You will receive a notification as soon as the dashboard is ready!

It always says that when I try to do a dashboard

Niklas: click CPA or ROAS

it says it will take a few mins

suggestion: need to add R next to python under data destinations

Are you manually refreshing the CPA dashboard in order to help fix the problem?

if so, thank you for working on this.