The data is incorrect

Hi there
So, I pulled up a report for facebook
I pulled:
- date
- campaign name
- ad set name
- ad name
- ad id
- spend
the spending was wrong
but when I exclude the ad name, the spending is accurate admin
I see, are you referring to the total spend or is there some specific ad with inaccurate spend?

the total spend for a certain date, particularly 4th - 5th of April admin
ok, thanks, I’m checking
Do you have maybe some screenshots or can you share the values that are returned and what is the expected one?

hey I think I also found an insight
so I pulled up data from January 1st to infinity date, it is showing incorrect spending
but, when I reduce it to only data from April 4th to infinity, it is correct
the spending for April 4th should be GBP 1,012.71 admin
Yes, I see 1,012.86 but I cannot get the wrong value adding ad_name to the fields
I found the issue, it’s simply that the data was cached yesterday and is still being returned, the numbers for the last 24 hours can be a bit off because of that
Any query different than the one you used yesterday returns the right values except that specific one, we will improve this so it doesn’t keep happening
If you load the data again now it should be ok already

with the data was cached yesterday and is still being returned, do I need to do something specifically? admin
no, we were caching data for 12 hours, we will reduce that to improve things
a quick workaround would be to change the date_from parameter in the URL, for instance change it to 2022-01-02

yes, I did that but It did not fix the issue
so, with the data caching 12 hours now, this issue is all fixed then? admin
Yes, and we will reduce that further to make things better. But if it happens again let us know!

sure, thank you for checking and working on this admin
Thank you for reporting the issue!