We are planning to buy your standard plan

Good morning. We are planning to buy your standard plan (99$ per 1 year) but we have some technical questions (like for example be sure that we can connect different profiles from different users connection for each data sources), understand if there are some discounts and, if everything goes in the right direction, we would need to add some specific lines to the invoice. How can we proceed? thanks

Windsor.ai admin

What do you mean for different profiles from different users?
There are no discounts at the moment other than that applied for a yearly subscription

for example I’m admin for the facebook page X with the profile Y and for the facebook page Y with the profile Z

Windsor.ai admin
About the specific lines to the invoice, when you subscribe there is a “Billing Address” field available where you can enter any text that will be visible on the invoice next to the address, would that be enough?
I see, yes you can grant access as different Facebook users and to all the pages that those users can access

What we need for the billing part is basically a phrase so I think that this is enough but I check internally and I let you know
So, just for recap:
- we can buy your standard plan in any moment paying 99$ per month for 1 year and we can both add a line in the invoice and connect multiple profiles to a single data source. Is that correct?

Windsor.ai admin
Yes exactly!
Note that your Windsor account will have access to all the profiles you granted access to, so if you share it internally everyone will see all the accounts
And just remember to insert that line in the “Address” field next to the actual address when subscribing, we can change things later but the first invoice is automatically generated immediately