We have a problem. When importing with google sheet, each time, the column order is different

I work the data in Google sheet, then use Data studio for reports. But each day that I open sheet, the column “source” is in column “B”, and other day in column “F”, for example

Windsor.ai admin
I see this happens with which data source?

I´m importing from Google Ads, Facbeook Ads, Bing Ads, and Adroll
May be if there is a way within the formula, where I can choose the order of eachh input, as “source” or “campaign”, so them don´t show at randoms columns each day i open google sheets

Windsor.ai admin
Yes there is, just one minute we are checking if there is another error
Its mean you can connect your data to one dashboard
Which mean you can’t have multiple detinations

I´m working first, connecting the data in to a Google Sheet, with the previous formula.
Then in my google sheet I need to work the data, like make some currency conversions.
Then i connect my google sheet to data studio
So, my problem is, that when the data from windsor is shown in google sheet, the inputs, like “campaing”, “source”, “conversiones”, etc…, show at random columns