What alternatives are there to Power BI?

Hi again. What alternatives are there to Power BI?
You said that speed might suffer if we will connect a lot of accounts
We have 100+ accounts
And can we customize your template design or they are locked?
Last chat go closed
And we have problem with our system that I talked about earlier

Matthias: Hi
The templates can be customised

And what about speed? Will it be able to handle 100+ accounts?

Matthias: Yes, sure. We have many clients with >100 accounts

I’ll share Google Sheet in few minutes
There you will be able to see the system that I have developed for marketing campaigns analytics, optimization and campaign creation
Unforutnately, I hit there a 5 million cell limit
And speed dropped drastically due to amount of data that is being processed
It would be great if you could help us with it
By either giving an advice how we can upgrade it
Or take it as a custom order and upgrade it for us
It’s connected to Web Scraper and other bots, so Google Sheet is a must for first 8 tabs

*Matthias: ok *
you can share it


Matthias: OK the google sheets doc is loading.
It looks more like a data pipeline/custom development job to me
Are you familiar with SQL?

No, but we are currently discussing it with one specialist
He told us that SQL can’t replicate same processing algorithm
Is it true? Or it’s just he can’t?
Or there should be Pyhton/R in-between?

Matthias: where do I see the reprocessing algorithm?

By processing algorithm I mean formulas in sheets. Data is going from one tab to another to Campaign Builder as final destination
We couldn’t get exact data on each folder, so we had to extrapolate it from campaign metrics
And add correlation coefficient

Matthias: can you guide me to a cell where I would find that?

Currently we manually import data to IMPORT CAMAPAIGNS HERE tab
Then it merges hyperlinks in CAMPAIGNS RAW II


Then it creates a separate tab with only campaigns (w/o folders) in CAMPAIGNS RAW II
After which all unique Sources, Folders are Verticals are being listed in tabs with eponymous names
For example, open SOURCES
It calculates overall amount of campaigns for each source
And calculates how in how many verticals campaigns from these sources have been seen
Then it extrapolates correlation coefficient
By dividing one value by another

Matthias: ok I see

Then we see summarized campaign metrics which are relative
And the closer correlation coeff is to 100%, the more true these metrics are

Matthias: OK
It looks really like quite a custom job to be honest. Not sure if we would want to take this onboard as we sell a SaaS product which helps with data pipelines. We are not a data consultancy firm.

That’s unfortunate. Perhaps you can help us by giving an advice how we can improve it?
Currently it’s too slow and we hit a 5 million cell limit

Matthias: An easy step to start would be to push the data into e.g. bigquery and from there then stream aggregates into your google sheets
or any other tool where you consume the data

Then we should make it like this?
Octoparse > SQL > Cloud BigQuery > Google Sheet?

Power BI

Matthias: you could do Octoparse > BigQuery > Power BI

Really appreciate your help
Perhaps you can recommend us a specialist for this job?
We need to connect it with Google Sheet as well, because there is a Campaign Builder tool
Which will be connected to Campaign Creation bot

Matthias: No one comes to mind which I could recommend
You should be able to connect google sheets to power bi.

Thank you either way!

Matthias: You’re welcome!

Will connect Power Bi to Facebook Ads accounts in following days
Have a great day!

Matthias: Thanks.