Google Data Studio Unlocks the Potential of Marketing Data

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Google Data Studio can help collate and analyze marketing data from all sources –  Facebook, HubSpot, Instagram, and more.

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data studio multi-touch attribution


How is Google Data Studio better than spreadsheets?

We all love spreadsheets; they make slicing and dicing of data so easy. You can play around with data, explore endless possibilities of filtering, sorting, analyzing scenarios, and so on. However, it isn’t the best tool for presenting data. With rows and columns filled, it can confuse people – most of all your boss. That’s where Google Data Studio comes in.

With Google Data Studio, you can create dashboards that capture and present data just the way you want to. It’s a powerful data visualization tool that’s available for free. You can pull data using’s data connectors from various sources and build a dashboard in minutes. Check how it works.

Use Data Studio to draw insights various marketing platforms

facebook ads data studio overview report

facebook ads data studio overview report

Although the marketing platforms generate a lot of data, analytics isn’t their greatest strength. Moreover, each one has a different setup with limitations of its own. 

If you are running a campaign on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Analytics, or even MailChimp, you would want to analyze the cumulative effect. All these platforms operate and measure success in different ways. Pulling data from all separate sources, data consolidation, and analyzing it, is a time-consuming affair.

Google Data Studio can help you save time and effort by pulling data from all these sources and analyzing it for you. It can also provide metrics and dimensions absent on the marketing platforms. provides attractive data studio templates to present your marketing data most effectively. Try it out for free.

Enjoy the convenience of automated reports

Usually, building reports takes time and effort. You need to pull data from various sources, analyze, consolidate findings, and then report. If there are new questions, you end up repeating the process.’s web connectors can help you solve this problem. It can collect and update data every time you refresh the Google Data Studio dashboard. The Data Studio itself enables users to dive deeper and look at data from different angles. It effectively cuts down the time spent on creating reports. 

With quicker insights, marketers can focus on optimizing ads or setting up new campaigns.

Google Data Studio connects easily with any data warehouse’s connectors can help you connect Data Studio with popular data warehouses like Azure Synapse, BigQuery, and Snowflake. With BigQuery, which is a Google product, Data Studio works like a dream. You do not have to write a single SQL line to combine tables. 

Advantages of using 

It lets you achieve more with SQL

No more using CSV dumps and spreadsheets to bring together data from different Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems. With, all your data is delivered to a relational data warehouse, giving you clarity across all of your data sources.

Amplifies your business intelligence

Once all your data is in a single location, things become easy. Enable machine learning or connect the most powerful visualization tools: the opportunities are endlessly exciting. Use to integrate your data with Google Data Studio to provide a boost to your business.

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