How to connect Amazon MWS to Power BI?

amazon mws to power bi

Are you struggling with manual downloads of your Amazon MWS reports? Is your reporting platform Power BI? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, what follows next is going to save you a lot of time.

We’ll show how to connect Amazon MWS reports into Power BI with an always-on data feed. The whole process should not take more than 5 minutes and will require the following:

  • Rights to issue an authorisation token in Amazon Seller Central
  • Your Seller ID (the same as your Merchant Token)

In case you have all of this ready you can start by connecting your data:

Connect Data


  1. Click on Add a marketplace…(1), select the country (2), insert your Seller ID (3) and follow the instructions to get a token and copy the token over (4). Make sure that the time zone is correct (5)amazon mws to power bi 1
  2. On the top of the screen you’ll see an API key. Copy this API into your clipboard

    amazon mws to power bi 2

  3. Use this URL[your API key]&date_preset=last_7d&fields=date,product,transactions,transactionrevenue,marketplace,item_status&_renderer=csv

    and replace  [your API Key] with your API key. The fields which are listed after &fields= are simply a set of standard fields which you can customise. A full list of metrics and dimensions can be found in our Amazon MWS connector documentation.

    If you want to specify a specific date range for transactions where create you can either user &date_from and &date_to=to specify a date range (e.g.[your API key]&fields=date,product,transactions,transactionrevenue,marketplace,item_status&_renderer=csv&date_from=2020-10-01&date_to=2020-12-31)

    Alternatively (and recommended by default) you can set a dynamic date range by using date_preset=. See the URL above for an example.

  4. In Power BI click on Get data -> Web and copy paste the URL into the URL field. This URL now works as a data feed. If you want to add or remove fields, simply adjust the URL as described in step 3. Now a window will open where you click Connect.
  5. Now your data should appear in Power BI. Click load and configure it.

    amazon mws to power bi 3

    Important You will need to change the fields to their types (e.g. date, decimals, whole numbers, …) to use them in aggregations (sums, averages, …) or date filters. For users in Europe and other countries where a comma is used for decimals please change the locale of the data to English.