Keyword and search term optimization tool


In this table its easy to see how much one spends on the exact matches vs the broad and phrase matches. Sometimes it can be surprising how expensive the phrase matches are. Having more exact matches in small adgroups also makes it easier to increase the relevance and quality scores. So it not only benefits in terms of cost savings but also increased impression share and quality scores.

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Keyword optimization tool for Google Ads

This tool makes it easy to add frequent search terms as exact keywords. The table below shows our data and is connected to our Google Ads account so it will not allow you to actually add them to the account. But if you connect it to your own account by signing up here for free you can test it on your own account.

The tool also makes it possible to create custom rules which campaigns and adgroups the keyword gets added to. That makes it easy to add multiple keywords at the same time by just checking the boxes. For advertisers with tens of thousands of keywords and search terms this saves time and money. If for example the broad keywords contain the tag [b] and exact keywords the tag [ep] its easy to make the tool propose the [ep] campaigns as default so one just has to click.


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When playing with this demo it will give error if trying to add keywords as this is our account, but if you sign up below you can try it for free with your own data.