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About the Connector

The Mailchimp Data Studio Connector pulls metrics and dimensions from Mailchimp. The metrics and dimeinos are retrieved at a campaign and URL level.

There are 50+ metrics and dimensions exposed by this connector. Once user successfully logs into the connector he can then choose the metrics and dimensions he is interested to create a report on.


The user should have access to a Mailchimp account with enough access rights to create an API token to access the Mailchimp data via this connector. The user will be prompted for a Mailchimp API key during the installation of this connector.

Our privacy policy and terms of use:

Available Metrics and Dimensions

Abuse ReportsNUMERICThe number of abuse reports generated for this campaign.
Campaign IDTEXTA string that uniquely identifies this campaign.
Campaign TitleTEXTThe title of the campaign.
Campaign TypeTEXTThe type of campaign (regular, plain-text, ab_split, rss, automation, variate, or auto).
Click RateNUMERICThe number of unique clicks divided by the total number of successful deliveries.
Clicks TotalNUMERICThe total number of clicks for the campaign.
DateDATEThe Date (copy of send_time, but this represents date only with no time)
Emails SentNUMERICThe total number of emails sent for this campaign.
Forward CountNUMERICHow many times the campaign has been forwarded.
Forwards OpensNUMERICHow many times the forwarded campaign has been opened.
Last ClickDATEThe date and time of the last recorded click for the campaign in ISO 8601 format.
Last OpenDATEThe date and time of the last recorded open in ISO 8601 format.
List IDNUMERICThe unique list id.
List Is ActiveTEXTThe status of the list used, namely if it's deleted or disabled.
List NameTEXTThe name of the list.
Open RateNUMERICThe number of unique opens divided by the total number of successful deliveries.
Opens TotalNUMERICThe total number of opens for a campaign.
Preview TextTEXTThe preview text for the campaign.
RSS Last SendDATEFor RSS campaigns, the date and time of the last send in ISO 8601 format.
Send TimeDATEThe date and time a campaign was sent in ISO 8601 format.
Subject LineTEXTThe subject line for the campaign.
Unique ClicksNUMERICThe total number of unique clicks for links across a campaign.
Unique OpensNUMERICThe total number of unique opens.
Unique Subscriber ClicksNUMERICThe total number of subscribers who clicked on a campaign.
UnsubscribedNUMERICThe total number of unsubscribed members for this campaign.
UrlTEXTThe URL for the link in the campaign.
Url Campaign IdTEXTThe campaign id.
Url Click PercentageNUMERICThe percentage of total clicks a link generated for a campaign.
Url IdTEXTThe unique id for the link.
Url Last ClickDATEThe date and time for the last recorded click for a link in ISO 8601 format.
Url Total ClicksNUMERICThe number of total clicks for a link.
Url Unique Click PercentageNUMERICThe percentage of unique clicks a link generated for a campaign.
Url Unique ClicksNUMERICNumber of unique clicks for a link.