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Get up to 44% improvement in marketing ROI with our advanced multi-channel algorithm!

Machine-learning models enable marketing leaders to buy the right media at the right time on the right channel.

3 Ways to Increase Growth with Windsor

Analyse Full Customer Journey

Get complete access to every customer touch point. From the first to the last click, map out the highest converting steps and the best performing channels. Visualize your customer journey and make better marketing decisions with the help of Windsor.ai. 

TV Advertising Performance Measurement
marketing strategies and channels Analyzing

Organize all Marketing Performance Data

Connect, combine and analyse all your marketing performance data in one place. Our data-driven approach to finding the impact of each channel helps you identify the channel that drives traffic, leads, and conversions and weed out underperforming channels. Stop investing in channels that don’t bring results with our omnichannel marketing platform!

Boost Google Ads Performance

Connect and bring your entire portfolio of Google Ads campaigns in a single dashboard regardless of their size and complexity. Automate the entire process of evaluating, updating and optimizing Google Ads campaigns while improving their performance and quality.

TV Advertising Performance Measurement

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