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About Salesforce

Salesforce is a customer relationship management software. It allows companies to store all information about their customers in a central place. It contains information about leads, opportunities, transactions and support tickets. It allows customization, which allows companies to tailor their Salesforce instance for their specific needs.

About Snowflake

Snowflake is a cloud data warehouse. Contrary to on premise data bases it eliminates the need to maintain hardware infrastructure. I’s architecture allow it to scale dynamically depending on the resource consumption needed by the users. The outcome of working with a cloud data warehouse like Snowflake is a greatly increased productivity of end users working with Snowflake data.

Salesforce metrics and dimensions available for streaming into Snowflake

Account SourceTEXTAccount Source
Account Annual RevenueNUMERICAccount Annual Revenue
Account Billing AddressTEXTAccount Billing Address
Account Billing CityTEXTAccount Billing City
Account Billing CountryTEXTAccount Billing Country
Account Billing Geocode AccuracyTEXTAccount Billing Geocode Accuracy
Account Billing LatitudeNUMERICAccount Billing Latitude
Account Billing LongitudeNUMERICAccount Billing Longitude
Account Billing Zip/Postal CodeTEXTAccount Billing Zip/Postal Code
Account Billing State/ProvinceTEXTAccount Billing State/Province
Account Billing StreetTEXTAccount Billing Street
Account Created By IDTEXTAccount Created By ID
Account Created DateDATEAccount Created date
Account DescriptionTEXTAccount Description
Account FaxTEXTAccount Fax
Account IDTEXTAccount ID
Account IndustryTEXTAccount Industry
Account DeletedBOOLEANAccount Deleted
Account KeyTEXTAccount Key
Account Jigsaw Company IDTEXTAccount Jigsaw Company ID
Account Last ActivityTEXTAccount Last Activity
Account Last Modified By IDTEXTAccount Last Modified By ID
Account Last Modified DateDATEAccount Last Modified date
Account Last Referenced DateDATEAccount Last Referenced date
Account Last Viewed DateDATEAccount Last Viewed date
Account Master Record IDTEXTAccount Master Record ID
Account NameTEXTAccount Name
Account EmployeesNUMERICAccount Employees
Account Operating Hour IDTEXTAccount Operating Hour ID
Account Owner IDTEXTAccount Owner ID
Account Parent Account IDTEXTAccount Parent Account ID
Account PhoneTEXTAccount Phone
Account Photo URLTEXTAccount Photo URL
Account Shipping AddressTEXTAccount Shipping Address
Account Shipping CityTEXTAccount Shipping City
Account Shipping CountryTEXTAccount Shipping Country
Account Shipping Geocode AccuracyTEXTAccount Shipping Geocode Accuracy
Account Shipping LatitudeNUMERICAccount Shipping Latitude
Account Shipping LongitudeNUMERICAccount Shipping Longitude
Account Shipping Zip/Postal CodeTEXTAccount Shipping Zip/Postal Code
Account Shipping State/ProvinceTEXTAccount Shipping State/Province
Account Shipping StreetTEXTAccount Shipping Street
Account SIC DescriptionTEXTAccount SIC Description
Account System ModstampTEXTAccount System Modstamp
Account TypeTEXTAccount Type
Account WebsiteTEXTAccount Website
Campaign Actual Cost in CampaignNUMERICCampaign Actual Cost in Campaign
Campaign Value Opportunities in CampaignNUMERICCampaign Value Opportunities in Campaign
Campaign Value Won Opportunities in CampaignNUMERICCampaign Value Won Opportunities in Campaign
Campaign Budgeted Cost in CampaignNUMERICCampaign Budgeted Cost in Campaign
Campaign Record Type IDTEXTCampaign Record Type ID
Campaign Created By IDTEXTCampaign Created By ID
Campaign Created DateDATECampaign Created date
Campaign DescriptionTEXTCampaign Description
Campaign End DateDATECampaign End date
Campaign Expected Response (%)NUMERICCampaign Expected Response (%)
Campaign Expected Revenue in CampaignNUMERICCampaign Expected Revenue in Campaign
Campaign IDTEXTCampaign ID
Campaign ActiveBOOLEANCampaign Active
Campaign DeletedBOOLEANCampaign Deleted
Campaign Last ActivityTEXTCampaign Last Activity
Campaign Last Modified By IDTEXTCampaign Last Modified By ID
Campaign Last Modified DateDATECampaign Last Modified date
Campaign Last Referenced DateDATECampaign Last Referenced date
Campaign Last Viewed DateDATECampaign Last Viewed date
Campaign NameTEXTCampaign Name
Campaign Contacts in CampaignNUMERICCampaign Contacts in Campaign
Campaign Converted Leads in CampaignNUMERICCampaign Converted Leads in Campaign
Campaign Leads in CampaignNUMERICCampaign Leads in Campaign
Campaign Opportunities in CampaignNUMERICCampaign Opportunities in Campaign
Campaign Responses in CampaignNUMERICCampaign Responses in Campaign
Campaign Won Opportunities in CampaignNUMERICCampaign Won Opportunities in Campaign
Campaign Num Sent in CampaignNUMERICCampaign Num Sent in Campaign
Campaign Owner IDTEXTCampaign Owner ID
Campaign Parent Campaign IDTEXTCampaign Parent Campaign ID
Campaign Start DateDATECampaign Start date
Campaign StatusTEXTCampaign Status
Campaign System ModstampTEXTCampaign System Modstamp
Campaign TypeTEXTCampaign Type
Contact Account IDTEXTID of the account that’s the parent of this contact.
Contact Assistants NameTEXTThe assistant’s name.
Contact Assitants Phone NumberTEXTThe assistant’s telephone number.
Contact BirthdateDATEThe contact’s birthdate.
Contact Created ByTEXTThe user who created the contact
Contact Creation DateDATEThe Creation Date (Duplicate)
Contact DateDATEThe Creation Date
Contact DepartmentTEXTThe contact’s department.
Contact DescriptionTEXTContact's description
Contact EmailTEXTThe contact’s email address.
Contact Email Bounced DateTIMESTAMPIf bounce management is activated and an email sent to the contact bounces, the date and time of the bounce.
Contact Email Bounced ReasonTEXTIf bounce management is activated and an email sent to the contact bounces, the reason for the bounce.
Contact FaxTEXTThe contact’s fax number (Label is Business Fax).
Contact First NameTEXTThe contact’s first name (up to 40 characters).
Contact Home PhoneTEXTThe contact’s home telephone number.
Contact Is DeletedTEXTIs contact deleted
Contact Is Email BouncedTEXTContact's description
Contact Last Activity DateDATEValue is the most recent of either: Due date of the most recent event logged against the record or due date of the most recently closed task associated with the record.
Contact Last Modified DateDATEContact last modified date
Contact Last NameTEXTRequiredLast name of the contact (up to 80 characters).
Contact Lead SourceTEXTThe lead’s source.
Contact Mailing CityTEXTMailing address details.
Contact Mailing CountryTEXTMailing country.
Contact Mailing Postal CodeTEXTThe zip or postal code in the mailing address
Contact Mailing StateTEXTMailing state details.
Contact Mailing StreetTEXTStreet address for mailing address.
Contact Mobile PhoneTEXTContact’s mobile phone number.
Contact NameTEXTContact full name
Contact Other CityTEXTAlternative city details.
Contact Other CountryTEXTAlternative country details.
Contact Other PhoneTEXTTelephone for alternate address.
Contact Other Postal CodeTEXTAlternative postal code details.
Contact Other StateTEXTAlternate address details (state).
Contact Other StreetTEXTStreet for alternate address.
Contact Owner IDTEXTThe ID of the owner of the account associated with this contact.
Contact Business PhoneTEXTTelephone number for the contact
Contact Reports to IDTEXTID of contact's manager
Contact SalutationTEXTHonorific abbreviation, word, or phrase to be used in front of name in greetings, such as Dr. or Mrs.
Contact TitleTEXTTitle of the contact, such as CEO or Vice President.
Last Modified DateDATEThe Last Modified Date of the selected Object
Lead Email (duplicate)TEXTLead Email
Lead AddressTEXTLead Address
Lead Annual RevenueNUMERICLead Annual Revenue
Lead CityTEXTLead City
Lead CompanyTEXTLead Company
Lead Converted Account IDTEXTLead Converted Account ID
Lead Converted Contact IDTEXTLead Converted Contact ID
Lead Converted DateDATELead Converted date
Lead Converted Opportunity IDTEXTLead Converted Opportunity ID
Lead CountryTEXTLead Country
Lead Created By IDTEXTLead Created By ID
Lead Created DateDATELead Created date
Lead DescriptionTEXTLead Description
Lead EmailTEXTLead Email
Lead Email Bounced DateDATELead Email Bounced date
Lead Email Bounced ReasonTEXTLead Email Bounced Reason
Lead First NameTEXTLead First Name
Lead Geocode AccuracyTEXTLead Geocode Accuracy
Lead Individual IDTEXTLead Individual ID
Lead IndustryTEXTLead Industry
Lead ConvertedBOOLEANLead Converted
Lead DeletedBOOLEANLead Deleted
Lead Unread By OwnerTEXTLead Unread By Owner
Lead KeyTEXTLead Key
Lead Jigsaw Contact IDTEXTLead Jigsaw Contact ID
Lead Last ActivityTEXTLead Last Activity
Lead Last Modified By IDTEXTLead Last Modified By ID
Lead Last Modified DateDATELead Last Modified date
Lead Last NameTEXTLead Last Name
Lead Last Referenced DateDATELead Last Referenced date
Lead Last Viewed DateDATELead Last Viewed date
Lead LatitudeNUMERICLead Latitude
Lead SourceTEXTLead Source
Lead LongitudeNUMERICLead Longitude
Lead Master Record IDTEXTLead Master Record ID
Lead Full NameTEXTLead Full Name
Lead EmployeesNUMERICLead Employees
Lead Owner IDTEXTLead Owner ID
Lead PhoneTEXTLead Phone
Lead Photo URLTEXTLead Photo URL
Lead Zip/Postal CodeTEXTLead Zip/Postal Code
Lead RatingTEXTLead Rating
Lead SalutationTEXTLead Salutation
Lead State/ProvinceTEXTLead State/Province
Lead StatusTEXTLead Status
Lead StreetTEXTLead Street
Lead System ModstampTEXTLead System Modstamp
Lead TitleTEXTLead Title
Lead WebsiteTEXTLead Website
Opportunity Account IDTEXTOpportunity Account ID
Opportunity AmountNUMERICOpportunity Amount
Opportunity Campaign IDTEXTOpportunity Campaign ID
Opportunity Close DateDATEOpportunity Close date
Opportunity Contact IDTEXTOpportunity Contact ID
Opportunity Created By IDTEXTOpportunity Created By ID
Opportunity Created DateDATEOpportunity Created date
Opportunity DescriptionTEXTOpportunity Description
Opportunity Fiscal PeriodTEXTOpportunity Fiscal Period
Opportunity Fiscal QuarterNUMERICOpportunity Fiscal Quarter
Opportunity Fiscal YearNUMERICOpportunity Fiscal Year
Opportunity Forecast CategoryTEXTOpportunity Forecast Category
Opportunity Forecast CategoryTEXTOpportunity Forecast Category
Opportunity Has Open ActivityBOOLEANOpportunity Has Open Activity
Opportunity Has Line ItemBOOLEANOpportunity Has Line Item
Opportunity Has Overdue TaskBOOLEANOpportunity Has Overdue Task
Opportunity IDTEXTOpportunity ID
Opportunity ClosedBOOLEANOpportunity Closed
Opportunity DeletedBOOLEANOpportunity Deleted
Opportunity WonBOOLEANOpportunity Won
Opportunity Last ActivityDATEOpportunity Last Activity
Opportunity History IDDATEOpportunity History ID
Opportunity History IDTEXTOpportunity History ID
Opportunity Last Modified By IDTEXTOpportunity Last Modified By ID
Opportunity Last Modified DateDATEOpportunity Last Modified date
Opportunity Last Referenced DateDATEOpportunity Last Referenced date
Opportunity Last Viewed DateDATEOpportunity Last Viewed date
Opportunity Lead SourceTEXTOpportunity Lead Source
Opportunity NameTEXTOpportunity Name
Opportunity Next StepTEXTOpportunity Next Step
Opportunity Owner IDTEXTOpportunity Owner ID
Opportunity Price Book IDTEXTOpportunity Price Book ID
Opportunity Probability (%)NUMERICOpportunity Probability (%)
Opportunity StageTEXTOpportunity Stage
Opportunity System ModstampTEXTOpportunity System Modstamp
Opportunity TypeTEXTOpportunity Type
Task Account IDTEXTTask Account ID
Task Due Date OnlyDATETask Due Date Only
Task Call ResultTEXTTask Call Result
Task Call DurationNUMERICTask Call Duration
Task Call Object IdentifierTEXTTask Call Object Identifier
Task Call TypeTEXTTask Call Type
Task Completed DateDATETask Completed date
Task Created By IDTEXTTask Created By ID
Task Created DateDATETask Created date
Task DescriptionTEXTTask Description
Task Activity IDTEXTTask Activity ID
Task ArchivedBOOLEANTask Archived
Task ClosedBOOLEANTask Closed
Task DeletedBOOLEANTask Deleted
Task High PriorityBOOLEANTask High Priority
Task Create Recurring Series of TasksBOOLEANTask Create Recurring Series of Tasks
Task Reminder SetBOOLEANTask Reminder Set
Task Last Modified By IDTEXTTask Last Modified By ID
Task Last Modified DateDATETask Last Modified date
Task Assigned To IDTEXTTask Assigned To ID
Task PriorityTEXTTask Priority
Task Recurrence Activity IDTEXTTask Recurrence Activity ID
Task Recurrence Day of MonthNUMERICTask Recurrence Day of Month
Task Recurrence Day of Week MaskNUMERICTask Recurrence Day of Week Mask
Task Recurrence EndTEXTTask Recurrence End
Task Recurrence InstanceTEXTTask Recurrence Instance
Task Recurrence IntervalNUMERICTask Recurrence Interval
Task Recurrence Month of YearTEXTTask Recurrence Month of Year
Task Repeat This TaskTEXTTask Repeat This Task
Task Recurrence StartTEXTTask Recurrence Start
Task Recurrence Time ZoneTEXTTask Recurrence Time Zone
Task Recurrence TypeTEXTTask Recurrence Type
Task Reminder Date/TimeTEXTTask Reminder Date/Time
Task StatusTEXTTask Status
Task SubjectTEXTTask Subject
Task System ModstampTEXTTask System Modstamp
Task SubtypeTEXTTask Subtype
Task Related To IDTEXTTask Related To ID
Task Name IDTEXTTask Name ID Easily connect Salesforce to Snowflake

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