StackAdapt Looker Studio connector by


About the Connector

The connector pulls metrics and dimensions from StackAdapt. The insights are retrieved at campaign level.

Once user successfully logs into the connector its possible to choose the metrics and dimensions to create a report on.


The user should have a StackAdapt API Key which can be retrieved by contacting their Stackadapt account manager in order to use this connector.

Available Metrics and Dimensions

CampaignTEXTAlias for Campaign Name
Campaign Advertiser IdNUMERICCampaign Advertiser Id
Campaign Allow Iframe EngagementNUMERICCampaign Allow Iframe Engagement
Campaign Bid Amount TotalNUMERICCampaign Bid Amount Total
Campaign Bid TypeTEXTCampaign Bid Type
Campaign BudgetNUMERICCampaign Budget
Campaign City OptionsTEXTCampaign City Options
Campaign Daily CapTEXTCampaign Daily Cap
Campaign Domain ActionTEXTCampaign Domain Action
Campaign End DateDATECampaign End Date
Campaign Engagement Tracking TypeNUMERICCampaign Engagement Tracking Type
Campaign Freq Cap LimitNUMERICCampaign Freq Cap Limit
Campaign Freq Cap TimeNUMERICCampaign Freq Cap Time
Campaign GoalTEXTCampaign Goal
Campaign IdTEXTCampaign Id
Campaign Is Deal Id StrictNUMERICCampaign Is Deal Id Strict
Campaign Group IdNUMERICCampaign Group Id
Campaign NameTEXTCampaign Name
Campaign Optimize TypeTEXTCampaign Optimize Type
Campaign Optimize ValueNUMERICCampaign Optimize Value
Campaign Pace EvenlyNUMERICCampaign Pace Evenly
Campaign Start DateDATECampaign Start Date
Campaign StateTEXTCampaign State
Campaign TypeTEXTCampaign Type
Campaign Use DmaNUMERICCampaign Use Dma
Campaign Weekday EnabledNUMERICCampaign Weekday Enabled
CtrPERCENTClick-through rate
CvrNUMERICConversion rate
EcpaNUMERICEnhanced cost per action
EcpcNUMERICEnhanced cost per click
EcpmNUMERICEnhanced cost per mille
SpendNUMERICAlias for Cost
Conversion Impression DerivedNUMERICConversion Impression Derived
Page TimeNUMERICPage Time
Page Time 15sNUMERICPage Time 15s
Unique Impressions Inverse RateNUMERICUnique Impressions Inverse Rate
View PercentPERCENTView Percent
Total CostNUMERICAlias for Cost
Unique ConversionsNUMERICUnique Conversions
Unique ImpressionsNUMERICUnique Impressions