Case Study - Betty Bossi


Betty Bossi is one of the most well-known brands in Switzerland. For over sixty years, it has been publishing countless cookbooks, selling branded cooking supplies and food, providing numerous cooking classes, and offering household-help services. It is a market leader in Switzerland in those goods and services categories. A significant part of Betty Bossi sales occurs through online channels.


Betty Bossi has many different marketing channels. These include: several Google AdWords campaigns, such as Branding, Product, and Voice, as well as Facebook, email, and print-based marketing channels.
The company wanted to move away from last-click only attribution and biased double attributions in advertising platforms. It also sought data-driven insights into marketing performance and customer journey, as well as a proposal on marketing budget optimization.
Betty Bossi wanted an agency-and-media-independent partner with expertise in data science and advertising technologies. Something Windsor.AI could provide.
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Betty Bossi at a glance

  • Founded in 1956
  • Total turnover CHF 90M
  • No. 1 in the Swiss culinary market
  • One of the best-known brands in Switzerland
  • More than 67,000 Facebook fans
  • 1 million online visits a month
  • E-Newsletter 500,000 subscribers


Betty Bossi relies on many different marketing channels, including online and offline. This made a strong Return on Investment (ROI) analysis contingent on integrating data from all of these different campaigns to extract multi-channel Cost Per Acquisition and ROI insights.
As well, Betty Bossi needed to determine how the different sections of its website contribute to the customer journeys towards transactions. For example, it was important for the company to understand the value of the “Recipe” section on the website in leading to sales.

“It was very much a conversation between us and Betty Bossi,” said Niklas Kolster, CEO at “Yes, it was about data and marketing but it was also about mutual understanding and achieving common goals.”


Windsor.AI’s Attribution Insights solution integrated the data from the various marketing campaigns. The setup was very simple and required no technical resources from Betty Bossi. Then we used our preferred Markov model to extract insights about the effectiveness of all the customer journeys.

One important and surprising insight gained from the analyses was that the AdWords Branding campaigns turned out to be very valuable in attracting customers who then return over organic channels. This was not visible using the standard, simplistic last-click attribution models.


  • 16% improvement in overall marketing ROI
  • Minimised unprofitable campaigns and increased profitable campaigns
  • Eye-opening, data-driven insights into the full customer journey.
  • Quantified insights to help plan overall marketing strategy as it is shifting to online

WINDSOR.AI’s clients typically improve marketing ROI by up to 30%, free themselves of unprofitable campaigns, and focus their marketing with data-driven customer journey insights.
Our secret? Ground-breaking, artificial-intelligence-based historic and real-time data analysis, with attribution modelling that tells you what works and what doesn't.

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