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Looker Studio dashboard templates help you save time, but they still take a lot of work to create.

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Looker Studio templates: A powerful tool for marketers

Looker Studio offers all the tools you need to create marketing dashboards: an easy-to-use interface, solid design options, and a wealth of Google ecosystem data connectors (Google Analytics, Adwords, Sheets, Big Query).

As great as Looker Studio is, the mobile-friendly design fails in one key respect: visualizations you create will not scale down to mobile screens for desktop viewing.

But there is a workaround to the mobile limitations of Looker Studio, provided you’re willing to do some work.


How to Track Revenue from Looker Studio Templates

The top menu bar of the Looker Studio templates is where the map options are open. You may change your report, modify existing charts or add new ones to tell your story.

This template is a perfect start but just scratching the surface in Looker Studio for what you can do. This involves specifically linking YouTube Analytics, MySQL, DCM data, and other data that is transferable to Google Sheets. The entire inclusive, understandable and personalized report you can share with your team is just a few clicks away. The easiest way to practice Looker Studio templates is by diving and observing.



Top 10 Looker Studio Templates

  1. Social Media Templates
  2. SEO Analytics Templates
  3. PPC Dashboard Templates
  4. Google Analytics 4 Templates
  5. Email Marketing Templates
  6. Web Analytics Templates
  7. Lead generation Templates
  8. E-Commerce Templates



How are Looker Studio templates beneficial?

Templates are primarily predefined patterns and visualizations that are used by data analysts, or anyone using uses the Looker Studio for drafting new information. These templates are helpful as users do not have to go through the list of charts or graphs for representing any information on the dashboard.

The Looker Studio templates are highly beneficial for businesses to gauge their digital marketing performance. Advertising online has many pros and cons, and all that can be judged from the data representation on such platforms. Not only is the representation smoother and helpful, but it also allows the onlookers to take the right decision on time, for the benefit of the organization.

The benefits of using templates can be summarized in the following points: 


  • Free source

The best part of using this feature by Looker Studio is that the templates are available free of cost. You do not need to pay any additional charges for using them, thereby making the option useful and also cost-effective for a business that is looking for such tools, for example, startups or small businesses that do have a higher line of credit.


  • Tutorials

There are plenty of tutorials available on the internet about using the same. So, anyone with the least amount of prior knowledge can also use this tool. This, in turn, makes the option affordable and comprehensive to use most appropriately.


  • User-friendly

With templates at hand, one does not have to think twice about choosing the right kind of chart or map for a specific type of data. The same can be viewed with the help of templates. Also, one gets to choose the best template or type of chart that suits the data at hand. 


  • Insightful

The templates are made in such a way that they are able to represent the most useful insights from the raw data. Hence, using these templates is a great deal for analysts and businesses which would want to gauge the market performance closely.


  • Customization 

The Looker Studio templates allow users to customize the same while using it. There is optimum flexibility in choosing a template and then making minor changes as per requirement. This helps users to save time from finding the best charts for each type of data, and also have the representation in their way as they make small changes. 



How to use Looker Studio Templates in 2024

The Looker Studio  is desirable for use because of the organization and availability of the Looker Studio template. The feature settings and adaptation settings are rich and exhaustive. Interactivity is also a crucial added benefit for the papers. The data and the surface insights unique to them can be drawn up by the stakeholders. Looker Studio can deliver a strong blow if you try to say a story and get interested in the agenda.

One of the reasons Looker Studio templates are also available is that the software is nearly open-sourced. You can quickly post your reports and permit others to copy and then connect your own material. Looker Studio models are being increasingly free of charge, both from Google and the community, to be downloaded right away.



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What’s the difference between a Looker Studio Dashboard and Template?

In the context of Looker Studio, there is essentially no distinction between a dashboard and a template. In broad terms, a dashboard encompasses any panel designed to convey information to the user, and this encompasses anything created using Looker Studio.