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Windsor.ai makes free Looker Studio marketing reporting as simple as possible. Creating dashboards from scratch can be tedious and time-consuming. With Looker Studio dashboard templates, you apply less effort and expedite the process, saving time. Find the correct template from the Looker Studio gallery and begin using it to benefit your business and enhance productivity. Access free Looker Studio templates with easy-to-follow instructions for connecting your data.

Looker Studio templates: A powerful tool for marketers

Looker Studio provides all the tools you need to create marketing dashboards: an easy-to-use interface, solid design options, and a wealth of Google ecosystem data connectors (Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Sheets, Big Query).

Despite its overall efficiency, Looker Studio’s mobile-friendly design has a notable drawback: visualizations you create cannot be scaled down to mobile screens for viewing on the desktop. The good news is that a workaround exists to tackle these mobile limitations, as long as you are ready to put some effort into it.


How to track revenue from Looker Studio templates

In Looker Studio templates, the top menu bar provides access to map options. From here, you can modify your report, tweak existing charts or add new ones to tell your story.

Whereas this real-time dashboard template offers a solid foundation, it merely scratches the surface of Looker Studio’s capabilities. You can integrate diverse data sources like YouTube Analytics, MySQL, DCM data, and other transferable data into Google Sheets. By capitalizing on these resources, it’s possible to generate inclusive, easy-to-understand, and customizable reports shareable with your teams in just a few clicks. The easiest way to master Looker Studio report templates is through hands-on exploration and observation.

How are Looker Studio templates beneficial?

Templates are ready-made patterns and visualizations that data analysts or anyone familiar with Looker Studio can leverage to create dashboards. These templates are essential in that they eliminate the need for manually searching for suitable charts or graphs to visualize information on the dashboard. As a result, businesses can easily determine their digital marketing performance with the Looker Studio templates.

Putting adverts online has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. The visualization is helpful, smoother, and also allows onlookers to make the right decision on time, for the good of the organization. The benefits of using templates can be summarized into the following points:


Free source

The best part of using Looker Studio templates is that they are completely free, with no extra charges. This makes the option cost-effective for businesses, such as startups or small enterprises looking for such tools, and are on a tight budget.



There are plenty of tutorials on the internet that help guide users to navigate the templates. Therefore, anyone with little prior knowledge can also use the tool. This accessibility, combined with affordability, ensures anyone can use the tool hassle-free.



With Looker Studio templates at hand, you don’t have to think twice about choosing the right kind of chart or map for a specific data type. The same can be viewed with the help of templates. Also, one gets to choose the best template or type of chart that suits the data at hand.



The templates are made in such a way they are able to represent the most useful insights from the raw data. Hence, using these templates is a great deal for analysts and businesses which would want to gauge market performance closely.



The Looker Studio templates are customizable so users can tailor them to meet their needs. With flexible options to choose a template and tweak it as necessary, users are able to save time from finding the best charts for each data type. They can also customize their visualizations according to preferences by making minor adjustments.


How to use Looker Studio templates in 2024

Many businesses find Looker Studio desirable due to its well-organized and easy-to-access templates. The feature settings and customization options are comprehensive and robust. Not to mention the interactivity that promotes user engagement, enabling stakeholders to derive unique insights from data. When creating narratives or capturing audiences’ attention, Looker Studio is a powerful tool that can deliver beyond your expectations.

The easy accessibility of Google Looker Studio templates can be attributed to the software’s near-open-source nature. You can quickly post your reports, including financial, sales performance, inventory management, and marketing reports. Permitting others to copy and then connecting your own material is also allowed. Looker Studio models are becoming increasingly available for free from Google and the community, enabling instant access and use.


Who are Looker Studio templates designed for?

Virtually anyone can use Looker Studio templates. No data science knowledge or business intelligence background is needed to navigate the platform, so a hassle-free experience is often guaranteed. Here are examples of individuals and organizations that use Looker Studio:

  • SEO analysts
  • Marketing professionals
  • Sales professionals
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Product managers
  • Executive leadership
  • Finance professionals


Top 10 Looker Studio Templates

With so many templates in Looker Studio to choose from, identifying the ones that meet and satisfy your unique business needs may be a challenge. One of the keys lies in working with major metrics vital for your organization. Understanding your data and its relevance to your business goals, determining your audience, and exploring the templates available are also vital. But to make your work simpler, here is a list of some of the most essential templates that you will find useful:

  1. Social Media Templates
  2. SEO Analytics Templates
  3. PPC Dashboard Templates
  4. Google Analytics 4 Templates
  5. Email Marketing Templates
  6. Web Analytics Templates
  7. Lead generation Templates
  8. E-Commerce Templates






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What is Looker Studio?

Looker Studio is a platform designed by Google to help users convert data from different sources into actionable insights. It enables individual users, as well as small and big enterprises to generate easy-to-understand reports and dashboards for informed decision-making.


What’s the difference between a Looker Studio dashboard and a template?

There’s no significant difference between a Looker Studio dashboard and a template. A dashboard refers to any panel that can communicate information to the user, which is essentially anything generated utilizing Looker Studio.


How to create a Looker dashboard

Creating a Looker Studio dashboard is pretty straightforward. Choose the dataset you want to use and specify the metrics and dimensions you want to focus on. Indicate the visualization tools you will use to represent your data, which can include charts, maps, graphs, etc. You are free to customize sharing settings and permissions before publishing.


How to share the Looker dashboard

Go to the dashboard you desire to share, locate the ‘share’ button and click on it. You can choose specific groups, roles, or users who can access the dashboard.


When did Google Data Studio become Looker?

Google Data Studio officially became Looker in October 2022. The name change came with additional updates, including integration with Google Sheets, management services, and more visualization tools.


Why is Looker Studio so slow?

Large data sets, excess data sources, slow network connections, and complex dashboards with many visualizations are some of the factors that may cause Looker Studio to slow down.


What are Looker Studio templates?

Looker Studio templates are pre-built dashboard layouts to help users generate reports and visualize data in Looker faster. This eliminates the need to create dashboards from scratch, saving time.


How can I access Google Looker Studio?

Visit Google Looker Studio’s official website and register for an account. Sign in and explore the features available to familiarize yourself with the platform.


What are the sources you can pull data from?

The sources you can extract data from include Instagram, LinkedIn ads, Facebook pages, Google ads, Google Analytics, HubSpot, TikTok Ads, Amazon Ads, Stripe, Criteo, and more.