Increase Marketing ROI with our Multi-touch Attribution Modelling Software

Advertisers typically realize a 15% – 44% improvement in marketing ROI with our advanced multi-channel machine-learning Bayesian algorithm We can give you true insight on performance all down to channel, campaign and device-level.

  • Data-driven multi-touchpoint attribution.
  • Transparent and neutral: we are agency-independent and media-independent.
  • Connect the results of every touchpoint and campaign to your revenue stream.
  • Calculate the total cost of individual marketing campaigns to determine your ROI per campaign.
  • Channel-neutral: we evaluate both online and offline marketing channels and campaigns.
  • Budget optimiser to maximize your marketing ROI


Even small adjustments can have a noticeable effect on your marketing effectiveness and marketing ROI. With our Attribution Modelling Software, we make the seemingly-complicated task of tracking the monetary impact of every touchpoint, every channel and every campaign easy. We can combine online and offline customer journeys and touchpoints to give you the full picture.

Stepping away from simplistic models like Last Click lets you take into account the full customer journey and properly account for all your marketing investments.


A Last Click attribution model leads to overvaluing and undervaluing certain channels, while Markov models - which take into account the full customer journey - is far more accurate. Using a good attribution model that takes into account the full customer journey lets you optimise marketing decisions based on the most valuable touchpoints.

With’s Attribution insights solutions, backed by a team of experienced data scientists who honed their craft at well-known multinational corporations. We extract valuable insights and recommendations so you can take action where it matters most to increase your MROI.

conversion credits and Attribution Modelling
We follow a step-by-step digital attribution model, where we begin by connecting the dots. For example, if you have a Google Analytics account, DoubleClick data, and other databases, our Attributions Insight pulls those different data streams together. This connection phase forms the first step of our service.

Next, we move to analyzing your customers' journeys and crafting an attribution model that suits your business goals. We use, among other models, the Markov attribution model to deliver insights to our customers. We have a particular fondness for the Markov model, as its focus on probabilistic calculations works very well with our algorithms.

Third, we add cost data per marketing channel and conversion values. This lets us calculate your MROIs and start optimising your marketing budget.

In our final step, we focus on optimization and ROI tracking. The optimization is usually an iterative process, as making changes in marketing expenditures might affect the prices and effectiveness of the channels.

Single channel attribution and multi channel attribution – Rule Based


48% of marketers use last-click attribution

Multichannel attribution – Algorithmic

  • Journey 1: Facebook – AdWords- Website – CONVERSION
  • Journey 2: Facebook –  END
  • Journey 3: AdWords – Website – END

Give credit where credit's due

Split credits across every touchpoint and marketing channel throughout the customer journey.

Get the right fit

We provide many models for comparison, such as Last Click, First Click, Linear, and the algorithmic Markov model to deliver the right solution for you, in the way that suits you best. This gives you the best possible understanding of your strongest and weakest customer touchpoints, so you can optimize them for maximum effect. View the ROI improvement of the optimized marketing budget allocations. In this example, marketing ROI can be improved by 22%!

the Marketing ROI the improvement with the Multi-touch Attribution Software


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