Marketing Data Library

General data driven marketing

Three stages in transitioning towards data driven marketing

When transitioning towards data driven marketing a company goes trough different stages both from technological, organisational and cultural perspective.

How an organisation can benefit from advanced attribution modelling

Attribution modelling remains a hot topic. Its difficult to implement and also to act on, we provide some advice here.

Attribution modelling

Understand marketing attribution: models, strategy and benefits

An overview of what marketing attribution is, how to build your marketing strategy with it and it’s benefits.

A B2B Marketing Attribution Guide for Advanced Marketers in 2020

This guide covers everything you need to know to build a state of the art B2B attribution measurement stack.

Data driven attribution down to keyword or ad-content level

Doing data driven attribution on keyword level can be very valuable as every keyword along converting customer journeys get conversion credits and a ROAS. Its one of the big benefits as it simplifies the analysis and saves so much time and money.

The two widely used data driven attribution models: Shapley value vs. markov model

Here I go into the differences between them. Markov model has the benefit that it takes into account the order of the events.

An example how to do attribution modelling in R

Here we go trough some code examples how one can do attribution modelling in R.

Data visualisation

Microsoft Power BI Multichannel Marketing Attribution Dashboard Template

A useful template to get you started with multitouch attribution in Microsoft Power BI (includes data integration and modelling).

Data Studio Multichannel Attribution Dashboard Template

A template to visualise your multi touch attribution data in Google Data Studio (includes data integration and modellign).

Visualise all your marketing data from Google, Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, … in Google Data Studio

This how to guides teaches you how to get all your marketing data into a Google Data Studio Dashboard.

How to get data into Microsoft Power BI

How to connect PowerBI to and all marketing data platforms and attribution modelling.

How to get data into Microsoft Excel

How to connect Excel to and all marketing data platforms and attribution modelling.

How to get data into Google Sheets

How to connect Google Sheets to and all marketing data platforms and attribution modelling.

How to get data into Tableau

A quick guide on how to connect your data to tableau (through Google sheets).

Best Google Data Studio Templates in 2020

An up to date list of the best Data Studio Templates for marketers.

Data Engineering and pipelines

Connect Salesforce and Google Analytics with

How to track on qualified leads and closed revenue if the sales revenue is tracked in a CRM like Salesforce.

Connect any CRM system to using Zapier API calls

Automatically update records in with data from your CRM or email automation platform to understand and track qualified leads, opportunities or closed revenue. documentation

How to get started with within 10 minutes

A step by step user guide to get started with data integration and marketing attribution in under 10 minutes. REST API documentation for marketing data

Documentation about the functionality of our REST API for data retrieval and submission from data visualisation tools like Power BI, Tableau, Data Studio, Looker or pulling data to R or Python table definitions

Documentation about the structure of the tables provided by and their columns and metrics.

Marketing platforms and advanced customer journey analysis

Price comparison site can performance really well when looking at whole customer journey.

Connexity tags and advertising ROAS

Connexity ROAS easily visualised and attributed.

Appnexus, and Google Display and Video360 integrations to the DSP platforms.

AWIN and other affiliate sites and multi-touch attribution

Affiliates like AWIN can perform really well with data driven attribution.

Tool Comparisons vs

A quick comparison of and

Fivetran vs stitchdata

Comparing the data-pipeline tools in a quick showdown.

Tableau vs qlik. vs.

Comparing the three different visualisation tools. vs alternative compared.

Presentation library

Zürich Analytics Round-table presentation

A presentation Niklas gave at the Analytics Round table Zürich.

Recording of DACH marketing attribution webinar 30/01/2020

The recording of our marketing attribution webinar from the 30/1/2020.

Marketing data research


Startups and Venturing

Frequent mistakes in corporate venturing

Some mistakes we are seeing when corporations attempt new ventures.

Some things we learned from a failed product launch

We wrote down some things from our failed product launch.

Case Studies

See how our amazing customers are using to make better marketing decisions and grow their businesses.


iProspect Hong Kong

One of the world largest performance marketing agency group integrates analytics and CRM data and gets full transparency into customer journeys.


An Australian Google Premier Partner links performance marketing and CRM data to optimise cost per opportunity and qualified lead for their clients.


Betty Bossi

An iconic Swiss household and kitchen ware brand increases ROI by 16% using the platform.


A global investment manager reduces overall CPA by 41% with the help of

A global online travel agency (OTA) group normalises affiliate marketing data streams and streamlines financial reporting.

AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG

One of Switzerlands largest car importers solves CRM and analytics data integration challenge.


A leading German online-shop in the construction and home improvement category gains insights into how to optimise price comparison web-sites.

Cognita Schools

A global international school brand connects marketing data from multiple source to more than double online applications year on year using the platform.

A Swiss credit card issuer optimises the cost per lead with the help of multi-touch attribution insights.

SAE creative media institute

The world’s leading educator in creative media industries connects analytics and CRM data and reduces the cost per enrolment by 28%.


The maker of the Swiss army knife can easily stay on top of all campaigns globally and apply and saves large sums while increasing sales.


A leading Singaporean Internet Service Provider (ISP) reduces the overall cost per sign-up by 48%.

Otten Coffee Indonesia

One of Indonesia’s leading coffee E-commerce businesses integrates all marketing data and gets full transparency into all its marketing spend and performance.


British loudspeaker manufacturer integrates all media costs and online/offline revenue data to gain insights which increase ROAS by 23% globally.


Solutions for agencies

Our offering for marketing and media agencies. Contact us if you want to work together with us.

Top marketing agencies in the UK

An up to date list of the top marketing agencies in the United Kingdom.

Top marketing agencies in Switzerland

An up to date list of the top marketing agencies in Switzerland.

Top marketing agencies in Singapore

An up to date list of the top marketing agencies in Singapore.