13 Clicks to set up Windsor.ai within 5 minutes

Data integration and multi-touch attribution is clearly a topic that is often talked about but hardly ever implemented. This introduction should help you to understand what steps you will need to take to get started with advanced marketing attribution modelling in less than 10 minutes on your own:

  1. Integrate your analytics data from Google Analytics
  2. Integrate your costs data
    1. Google Ads
    2. Facebook
  3. Login to your dashboard and start optimising 

Link your analytics data

  1. Go to https://onboard.windsor.ai/register and fill your detailsscreely 1575605558897
  2. Click on Grant Google Analytics Accessscreely 1575605701928
  3. Grant access to the Google Analytics viewsscreely 1575605920296
  4. Select the view which has the goals you would like to track.screely 1575606196954
  5. Select the goals you would like to track and click OKscreely 1575606314839

Link your costs data

Google Ads

  1. Click Grant Google Ads Access and authorize access to your Google Ads accountscreely 1575606439319
  2. Grant access to the Google Ads accountsscreely 1575605920296
  3. Select the Google Ads account you want to link in the drop-down

    screely 1575606626124


  1. Facebook

    1. Click onto Facebook Cost Datasource and click on Grant Facebook Access
      facebook onboarding windsorai
    2. Paste the account ID and click addscreely 1575607534810

Complete the setup

Click the green Finish button at the bottom of the page

screely 1575607580250

Congratulations. Now the data connections are set up!

Log in to your dashboard

  1. Head to the dashboard loginscreely 1575617006865
  2. Click on your dashboardscreely 1575617054402
  3. Start understanding your customer journeys and start optimisingmarketing attribution modelling dashboard

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