Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) Connectors & Integrations

Easily sync data from any platform of your choice with Looker Studio (Google Data Studio). Windsor is one of the connectors that simplifies the process, enabling automated data transfer that allows you to get insightful outcomes to impress your clients.

Popular Looker Studio Integrations

Looker Studio can help you save time and effort by pulling data from all these sources and analyzing it for you. It can also provide metrics and dimensions absent on the marketing platforms.

How do I set up Looker Studio data integration?


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Why do I need Looker Studio integration?

Let Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) pull data from different sources and analyze it on your behalf. Automate reporting and generate dashboards instantly, saving time and effort. Enjoy many more benefits by integrating your data with Looker Studio:


Zero cost

You can use Looker Studio for free. Leverage its numerous features to turn your raw data into useful information and make informed decisions that drive your business forward. Cost-friendly plans are available if you want to access more advanced features and pull data from a wider range of sources.



Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) boasts a user-friendly learning curve compared to other business intelligence tools. The platform’s intuitive layout and drag-and-drop features help reduce the learning curve and enable you to navigate it with ease.


Ready-made templates

With Looker Studio, you have access to a visualization library featuring ready-made templates. Expedite the report creation process and ensure various stakeholders receive the reports on time for faster decision-making. Moreover, dashboards are automatically updated with the most recent data, ensuring the decisions made are accurate and relevant.



Looker Studio allows you to easily share dashboards and reports with different teams and stakeholders through collaboration tools. You can invite other users and grant them various access levels for easy collaboration.



You are free to tailor your dashboard report according to your needs and preferences. Choose the colors and fonts you want to appear in your reports and match them with other branding elements. You can also drag and drop widgets, data, and charts to generate unique reports.


Integrates with many sources

Looker Studio easily integrates with numerous data sources, such as Google Ads, Google Search Console, YouTube Analytics, and others. It also supports many connectors, including Windsor.ai, to help bring all the data in one place, enabling you to analyze whatever you need when you want.


Save time

Manually syncing data and creating reports from different sources can be tiresome and time-consuming. Connectors and Looker Studio make the processes fast and easy with just a few clicks. With more time on your hands, it’s possible to engage in more productive activities that enhance your organization’s overall performance.


Assists in data governance

Looker Studio’s governance features enable your business to comply with different regulations within your industry. In particular, role-based access controls, audit trails, and data lineage tracking ensure your data is safe, accurate and adheres to CCPA, GDPR alongside other important regulations.


Continuous innovation

Enhancements and new features are constantly added to Looker Studio in response to user feedback and market trends. This ensures your business accesses the latest analytics capabilities to remain ahead of the competition.


What is Looker Studio?

Looker Studio is a business intelligence tool that changes complicated data sets into simple reports and dashboards. Through the platform, you can visualize data using different tools like tables, graphics, charts, maps, etc. Various customization options, such as colors, text, and branding elements, are available, too. Not to mention collaboration tools that enable your teams to create, edit, and comment on reports simultaneously for joint and effective decision-making.

The reports and dashboards you generate on Looker Studio are user-friendly, interactive, and visually attractive. This means you can use them to showcase strategy and campaign outcomes or the latest analytics to attract the attention of stakeholders and prove your company’s value on the market. The tool can also aid in tracking the performance of your organization and optimize key aspects to yield better results. The best thing is that you can do this in real-time as data is updated automatically, enabling you to make quick, responsive decisions that benefit your company.

Looker Studio is highly scalable so it can handle large quantities of data and generate compelling charts every time. As your business and data requirements grow, the platform expands seamlessly to ensure you continue using its features with ease. This scalability guarantees ongoing access to actionable insights, empowering decision-making as your company evolves.

Windsor.ai provides a wide array of over 70 Looker Studio integrations, enabling you to analyze all facets of your business. All our pricing plans encompass core data sources and various destinations like Google SheetsPower BIBigQuery, and Excel.


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