Looker Studio integrations

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Popular Looker Studio Integrations

Looker Studio can help you save time and effort by pulling data from all these sources and analyzing it for you. It can also provide metrics and dimensions absent on the marketing platforms.

How do I set up Looker Studio data integration?


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What is Looker Studio Integration?

Google Looker (Data) Studio helps you visualise your data in customisable reports and dashboards.

With our smooth integration with Looker Studio, you have the ability to promptly generate reports by aggregating, combining, and visualizing data from numerous connectors.

Windsor.ai provides a wide array of over 50 Looker Studio integrations, enabling you to analyze all facets of your business. All our pricing plans encompass core data sources and various destinations like Google Sheets, Power BI, BigQuery, and Excel



Advantages of Integrating with Looker Studio

  1. Looker Studio is available for use at no charge and boasts a user-friendly learning curve in comparison to other business intelligence tools. It allows the creation of highly customizable reports.
  2. Looker Studio’s visualization library provides templates that expedite the report creation process. Dashboards are automatically updated with the most recent data.
  3. Easily share dashboards with various teams and stakeholders through Looker Studio. The platform enables easy collaboration by inviting other users and granting different levels of access.

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