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How do I set up Snowflake integration? automates the streaming of all your marketing data in a few clicks. Simply choose the platforms, tools you would like to connect and authenticate them. Now your data is connected. Now you select SnowFlake as data destination connect your Snowflake project. After choosing the synchronization interval your data will start appearing in Snowflake.


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Detailed information about Snowflake

Snowflake is a cloud data warehouse. Contrary to on premise data bases it eliminates the need to maintain hardware infrastructure. The outcome of working with a cloud data warehouse like Snowflake is a greatly increased productivity of end users working with Snowflake data.


Why you should use Snowflake in 2024?

  1. Snowflake excels in handling massive volumes of data, offering the scalability and performance essential for advanced analytics processes.
  2. The documentation of Snowflake encompasses a diverse array of data sources, enabling data engineers to effortlessly incorporate various data types, such as JSON orXML, into their analytics workflows, whether structured or semi-structured.
  3. Snowflake boasts a flexible schema, empowering data engineers to easily manage and query their data by adapting the schema to accommodate evolving data requirements over time.
  4. With robust security features, Snowflake ensures data protection against unauthorized access through features like data encryption, access controls, and user authentication.
  5. Snowflake’s unique separation of computing resources from storage contributes to fairer pricing, allowing users to avoid paying for unused features.
  6. The architecture of Snowflake enables data engineers to instantly scale their analytics processes, establishing it as a prevalent tool within the modern data stack.


By integrating marketing data to Snowlake with, you can:

  • Monitor, collect, and send data from a variety of data sources
  • Concentrate on extracting meaningful insights from your data, instead of being concerned with its acquisition and transformation

Integrate all your data to Snowflake and measure what matters

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Providing 70+ marketing data streams, we make sure that all the data we integrate is fresh and accessible by marketers, whenever they want.


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