GitLab Connector

Choose the connector to transfer your GitLab data to other platforms fast. By allowing you to automatically sync data within a few minutes, ensures you get insights on time for informed decision-making. The best part? No coding is required, making the connector a user-friendly option for everyone.

About GitLab

GitLab is an open-source repository that helps users turn ideas into software. It is built around Git and offers a range of tools and features for source code management, project planning, code review, issue tracking, and more. By merging the whole software development lifecycle into a single interface, GitLab makes workflow easier and more efficient.

It’s important to note that GitLab is more than a code repository as it brings development, security, and operations teams together by providing a platform where they can collaborate on various projects. With GitLab, teams can create software faster, automate software delivery, reduce cycle times, and increase developer productivity.

GitLab Connector

Start analyzing your GitLab data in minutes

Do you plan to connect and visualize your GitLab in data visualisation, data storage, data warehouse or BI tool?

Follow the Tutorial Below:


Step 1:

You need to select GitLab as a Data Source and grant access to

GitLab source

Step 2:

Select the fields on the right to later use in your data source. For example, you can include metrics such as Cost per Click, Cost per Action or Total Spend.



Step 3:

Select a destination to get GitLab data into

select destination

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Data Destinations for GitLab

GitLab metrics and dimensions available

Detailed Information About GitLab

An internal wiki system is integrated within GitLab. This is to enable teams to create and maintain project documentation, promoting knowledge sharing. It also means new team members can understand what the project’s about and get on board easily. When it comes to AI and machine learning operations, GitLab prioritizes privacy to ensure data and confidential info are safeguarded and handled in a safe way. The platform’s AI capabilities are also designed for enterprise environments to meet the needs of big organizations with complicated software development processes.


Continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines are among GitLab’s standout features. Developers normally use it to automate different software development stages (testing, building, and deployment). This allows necessary changes to the code to be made and tested before being included in the main codebase and deployed to production. GitLab offers a free package for users who want to access its basic features, but subscribing to the paid plans gives access to more advanced capabilities.


GitLab has really revolutionized software development. The robust features offered make it an requisite tool for modern development practices. By using GitLabs, teams have a chance to improve code quality, productivity, and eventually provide better software products.

FAQ about GitLab integration via

How much does it cost to integrate GitLab with

It depends on the amount of data to be handled and the specific use case. You can check out’s pricing structure to see which package suits your needs and budget.


Why do people choose to integrate GitLab data?

Data integration with connector is preferred for various reasons:

  • Easy setup process along with great value users get from data.
  • It features robust tools for attribution.
  • helps you export data where you want and maps attribution effortlessly with a few clicks.
  • Thanks to connector, you can access your data from a bunch of different BI tools and gain vital insights. 
  • The dashboard can be tailored to meet your analytic needs.


How long does it take to connect GitLab to the destination?

The integration can be completed within 5 minutes.’s interface is user-friendly, so you won’t have a hard time navigating it. Moreover, the process doesn’t require coding; anyone lacking a technical background can easily perform the integration.

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