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What is Google Ads dashboard?

A Google Ads dashboard is an essential tool for advertisers to monitor and optimize their advertising campaigns. It provides a centralized view of key performance metrics and allows advertisers to track the effectiveness of their ads, keywords, and targeting strategies.

With a well-designed Google Ads (Adwords) dashboard, advertisers can:

  1. Monitor Performance Metrics: Keep track of crucial metrics like click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, cost per click (CPC), and return on ad spend (ROAS).
  2. Keyword Performance: Analyze the performance of specific keywords to identify which ones are driving the most clicks, conversions, and revenue.
  3. Audience Insights: Understand the demographics, interests, and behavior of your target audience to refine your targeting strategies.
  4. Ad Copy Performance: Evaluate the effectiveness of different ad variations to determine which messages resonate best with your audience.
  5. Budget Allocation: Monitor spending to ensure it aligns with your campaign goals and adjust budgets as needed.
  6. Conversion Tracking: Track the journey of users from ad click to conversion to understand the ROI of your campaigns.
  7. Competitor Analysis: Keep an eye on how your campaigns compare to competitors in terms of ad positioning, CTR, and other key metrics.
  8. Ad Placement and Network Performance: Determine which ad placements and networks (e.g., search, display, video) are driving the most value for your campaigns.


How to choose the right Google Ads (Adwords) dashboard templates?

Now that we’ve discussed the best Google Ads report templates, it’s time to know how to select the best one for you. Below are some things to consider when choosing the right dashboard that best suit your marketing needs.

  1. Define Your Reporting Goals:
    • Identify the key performance metrics (KPIs) you need to measure.
    • Determine the level of detail and granularity required in your reports.
    • Consider the preferences of primary stakeholders.
  2. Assess Template Features:
    • Understand the focus of different templates (e.g., campaign performance, ad group performance, overview).
    • Differentiate between single-page and multi-page templates for specific analysis or comprehensive reports.
  3. Seek Automation and Efficiency:
    • Look for templates that offer automation for regular report creation.
    • Explore additional features or benefits provided by the template or platform, such as access to various connectors for different apps.


Questions that can be answered by using our Google Ads Report Templates

  1. How much are you spending on Google Ads? How does that compare to the allocated budget?
  2. Which are your best & worst performing Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns?
  3. Which are your best & worst performing Google Ads (Adwords) keywords?
  4. What are some tips for optimizing my ad campaign for local search?
  5. What ad placement options are available on the Google Display Network?
  6. How can I optimize my ad for mobile users?
  7. What are some strategies for optimizing my Quality Score and ad rank?
  8. What demographic targeting options are available and how should I use them?


How often should you report on Google Ads campaigns?

It is recommended to report on Google Ads campaigns on a monthly basis. A monthly report allows for a comprehensive review of your ad campaigns, enabling you to implement necessary changes, updates, and adjustments based on the insights gained.

This timeframe provides ample opportunity to collect analytics data within your Google Ads account, empowering you to make informed and strategic decisions.


Google Ads Dashboard Templates: metrics & dimensions

Below are the most popular metrics and dimensions available in our Google Ads (Adwords) report templates. However, you can any other field you need in the connection string.


  • Date
  • Account Name
  • Campaign
  • Ad Group
  • Device
  • Search Term


  • Spend
  • Impressions
  • CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions)
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • CPC
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Rate
  • Revenue
  • Engagements
  • Engagement Rate


Our Google Ads (Adwords) dashboard templates can be customized with > 500 different dimensions, breakdowns and metrics. Head here to see a complete list: available metrics and dimensions.