Power BI Web Media & SEO Overview Report Dashboard Template

Microsoft Power BI Web Media Overview

This Media and SEO Overview Report dashboard template fetches all of your advertising data and then visualizes it in a single view. It has two pages, one with the Media Overview, which helps you to integrate all your performance marketing data into one place. By default, it connects to your analytics data set (Google Analytics 4) and connects them with your media data.

The second page, SEO Overview, uses the connection to Google Search Console.

Once it’s all connected you can then get an understanding of how many clicks, impressions, and spendings you have on each channel.  of each touchpoint in your customer journeys. To make it simple to understand for the purpose of client and management reporting it is kept at a high level. Metrics are provided on a media platform and campaign level.


Microsoft Power BI Web Media Dashboard connects to the following data sources:


SEO Overview report helps you to visualize your Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) into Power BI in a few clicks. Dimensions and metrics available are:

  • Date
  • Site
  • Page
  • Query
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Average position


How to setup Microsoft Power BI Web Media Overview Report Dashboard

1. Connect your marketing data to Windsor.ai here

  • Register or login if you already have an account.

register Power BI Web Media & SEO Template


  • Select at least a Google Analytics account from the dropdown and remember to grant access.

Sign GA Power BI Web Media & SEO Template


  • Then Grant Access to Google Search Console (optional)

Sign GSC: Power BI Web Media & SEO Template


  • Copy your API Key from the “Select Destination” tab

api key: Power BI Web Media & SEO Template

The template is available both as


Power BI Web Template

2a. Install the Power BI Web App here

  • Click on Connect your data on the App Screen

Power BI Web Media and SEO Template: Step 1


  • Enter your API key from Step 1. You can also change the date range

APIkey Power BI Web Media and SEO Template: Step 2


  • Click on the Sign In button FOR EACH source (for Media and for SEO)

signin Power BI Web Media and SEO Template


Now your dashboard is loading the data. Depending on the size of your data set this can take a few minutes. Next, the data should appear and you can start exploring your data.


Power BI Desktop

If you would like to explore how the template is built on the Power BI desktop you can also download the latest version of the dashboard template in .PBIT format.

After completing the process of registering and connecting your data from Step 1

2b. Download Power BI Desktop Template Media and SEO overview Report

In the template on the start screen, paste your API Key from Step 1 like here

Api Key Power BI Web Media and SEO Template


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Please note that the source data are in US regional settings format (1234.56 and 2020-12-16), and if you are using the different locale settings, you might need to transform numerical and date data. This will allow you to change the visuals and join the data with other data sets you might already have in your data setup.


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