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How do I set up Power BI data integration?


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What are Power BI connectors?

Power BI connectors refer to solutions that help sync your data sources with the Power BI ecosystem. The connectors are designed to make the integration process easy and fast by eliminating the need for extensive programming, testing, and retraining efforts. As a result, users can sync data with Power BI with just a few clicks and instantly visualize their reports, conduct robust analytics, and capitalize on the other Power BI services.

Why do I need Power BI integration?

Use Power BI connectors to analyze your data and efficiently perform marketing reporting to find hidden insights. Present your findings in visually captivating formats, ensuring clarity for stakeholders for informed decision-making. Leverage the platform’s array of visualization tools to create reports and dashboards that not only inform but also engage. Drive impactful actions from data-driven insights.


Interactive dashboards and reports

By using data connectors with Power BI, you have access to different report and dashboard options that are interactive and customizable. This means you can collate, summarize, and present information in whichever way you want, meeting the specific needs of your business. Customizing the reports and dashboards also means attending to the unique preferences of various stakeholders for easy interpretation of data.


Insights in real-time

Real-time data is constantly pushed or streamed to Power BI, so dashboards and reports are constantly updated to reflect the most current information. As a result, you can make accurate and relevant decisions that drive your business forward.


Multiple data sources

Power BI is designed to sync with many data sources simultaneously. With connectors, it easily syncs with data from sources like Excel, CSV, Oracle database, Snowflake, Snapchat Ads, Amazon Seller Central, Shopify, HubSpot, and so much more tools. This makes it easy for your business to collate data from different systems and generate a single, unified view of your data.


Enhanced collaboration

By featuring collaboration tools, Power BI ensures your teams can work on reports and dashboards jointly and allow co-ownership. Members can contribute ideas and discuss how to best present company data to partners, customers, investors, and other stakeholders. In the end, you polish automated reports and dashboards that not only impress but also highlight the most important info requiring immediate attention.


Self-service analytics

Power BI empowers your employees to analyze data and gain insights on their own, regardless of their position in the organization. Connectors eliminate overreliance on data scientists and IT staff. When everyone in the business can easily create reports, decision-making becomes more streamlined and efficient, facilitating faster responses to business needs.


Artificial intelligence capabilities

Use connectors and get more value from your data and reporting by leveraging Power BI’s artificial intelligence capabilities. With these features, it’s possible to explore your data comprehensively to gain insights and identify trends that would have otherwise been difficult to find using the basic functionalities.



Despite the size, your business can benefit from Power BI’s multiple features at cost-friendly prices that don’t overstretch your budget. Your organization also enjoys natural cost savings associated with reduced errors and redundancies. Not to mention the time saved by automating your reporting processes.


Safeguard data

Combining Power BI with reliable connectors, you have the chance to safeguard your data with industry-leading data security capabilities, including sensitivity labeling, end-to-end encryption, and real-time access monitoring. This prevents unauthorized access or breaches, offering peace of mind for your organization.


Access smart tools

Power BI helps you find and share meaningful insights with numerous data visualization tools, tight Excel integration, built-in AI capabilities, and pre-built and custom data connectors. The robust suite of features facilitates detailed data analysis and effective communication of findings across your organization.


What is Power BI?

Power BI is a data visualization and analytics tool by Microsoft. It provides different visualization tools, such as charts, maps, graphs, tables, scatter plots, etc., to help users present data in an easy-to-understand format. As a result, readers can extract important insights that enable them to make informed decisions quickly to improve business outcomes.


What is Power BI and Power PI connector


Power BI: Desktop Edition

You can download and install the Desktop Edition on your computer free of charge and start integrating data that you want to analyze and visualize to generate informative reports. This version empowers data analysts, developers, and super users to generate insightful reports with support for a broad range of data formats and sources, including files, online services, and databases.


Power BI: Server Edition

Power BI Server mainly focus on sharing datasets and reports across teams and groups, enabling users to extract, transform, and visualize data from server-based databases and other systems. This edition incorporates features supporting the scheduling of automatic dataset refreshes to the Power BI Cloud Service via the Power BI On-Premise Gateway. Notably, only a select few Power BI connectors offer gateway connectivity to the Power BI Service.

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