Connect Zuora to Power BI

Analyze Zuora data powerfully using Power BI to generate insights for improving subscription revenues. The connector automatically syncs Zuora data with Power BI analytics in minutes. The data integration process is fast and efficient. With a no-code connector, you do not require technical coding skills. Instead, follow the simple interactive steps to extract, transform, and load data from Zuora to Power BI.

Connect Zuora to Power BI

Why do I need Zuora and Power BI integration?

Integrating Zuora and Power BI is a powerful way to gain insights into how your online subscription services perform. That is because the integration avails advanced business intelligence analytics at the click of a button. Synchronizing Zuora and Power BI also means data from your subscription platform can be analyzed with other operating metrics, including marketing indicators. The following are a few ways in which transferring data from Zuora to Power BI can impact your business goals and outcomes:


Attain subscription growth

You want to grow your subscriptions in volumes and revenues. To achieve subscription growth, it is imperative to analyze metrics like subscriber acquisition, retention, and churn rate. Analyzing and understanding customer experience with the buying process and the subscribed service is also critical. Zuora and Power BI integration enables you to analyze data in various ways and use the information to influence subscription growth.


Understand revenue performance

Transferring data to Power BI can help you better understand your revenue performance metrics. In addition to seeing total revenue figures, subscription businesses must explore annual recurring revenues (ARR) and monthly recurring revenues (MRR). The company must be able to predict revenues reliably. More importantly, the business must understand the revenue drivers and factors that may cause revenue variations across different periods. Data integration is the first step to a better understanding of revenue trends.


Inform strategies for pricing optimization

Price optimization is a data-driven process. Transferring data from Zuora to Power BI allows crunching the numbers that drive prices. A subscription service business can reliably project revenue potential at different pricing levels. As a result, the company selects the pricing that maximizes revenues. More importantly, the business can go beyond price optimization and consider profit maximization and cost minimization. The bottom line is that the company must transfer the subscription data to a suitable business intelligence tool, which in this case is Power BI.


Data-driven customer segmentation

Another reason for integrating Zuora and Power BI data is data-driven customer segmentation. This means the business identifies its target market more accurately by matching the services to the needs of specific demographics and customer segment statistics. To achieve data-driven customer segmentation, the company must access all operational and marketing data it can. Power BI is powerful in consolidating data sources to achieve customer segmentation objectives.


Develop customer retention strategies

When a business synchronizes Zuora data, it can more powerfully analyze churn rates. More importantly, the data can be analyzed against various go-to-market strategies, leading to the identification of the most profitable customer retention strategies. Additionally, the business can analyze customer lifetime values.


Usage analysis

Zuora and Power BI data integration can help with real-time usage analysis. Automatically syncing data is not only efficient but also helps automate reporting. With express dashboards, the business can monitor usage in real-time. Service utilization metrics can be used to predict other business performance parameters.

How to connect Zuora to Power BI

1. Register

Register or login if you already have an account.

 2. Select your source
You need to select Zuora as a Data Source and Grant Access to



3. Select Destination

Choose Power BI as the destination.


4. Sync your Data
Select the fields on the right, and click on “Get data” from the WEB in Power BI.

Power Bi click on “Get data” from WEB
Then copy the URL in the box below:

copy URL in box


What is Zuora?

Zuora is a software solution designed to help subscription-as-a-service businesses monetize. It offers various functionalities, including pricing, billing, and revenue recognition. With Zuora, you can automate the activities of managing your subscription business.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a business intelligence tool designed by Microsoft. The tool enables businesses to extract, transform, and load data from multiple sources. The data is then analyzed first by drawing relationships between data tables and then visualized using assorted graphs and tables. You can combine graphs to form dashboards and combine the dashboards to create data stories.

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