Amazon MWS Power BI Integration: Connect your data in Minutes

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Finally, all your Amazon Seller Central data available in Power BI

About Amazon MWS

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) – an offering for Amazon Seller Central users – is an integrated web service API that helps Amazon sellers to programmatically exchange data on listings, orders, payments, reports, and more. Data integration with Amazon enables high levels of selling automation, which can help sellers grow their business. By using Amazon MWS, sellers can increase selling efficiency, reduce labor requirements, and improve response time to customers.

About Power BI

Power BI is part of Microsofts business intelligence and data visualisation offering. It is simple enough to allow end users to create dashboards and reports.

How to connect Amazon MWS to Power BI in 2023

First step:

You need to select Amazon MWS as a Data Source and Grant Access to

Connect Amazon MWS to Power BI: Step 1


Second Step:

Go to “Select Destination” and Choose Power BI Desktop/Web

Connect Amazon MWS to Power BI: Step 2


Third Step:

Select the fields on the right, and in Power Bi click on “Get data” from WEB.

Connect Amazon MWS to Power BI: Step 3


And copy the URL in the box below:

Connect Amazon MWS and Power BI


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