Power BI Amazon Report Dashboard Template

  • Gert K 
Power BI Amazon

With our Power BI Amazon Overview Report template you can visualize your Amazon Seller Central / Amazon MWS data in Power BI. You only need to connect your data to Windsor.ai and enter your API Key given in the process of registration. You’ll have access to your Amazon MWS data and the whole process should not take you more than 5 minutes.

As a prerequisite to getting started you’ll need access to Amazon MWS. Please make sure that you have the necessary user rights.

The full list of supported metrics and dimensions is below. In case you have other fields which are currently not shown in the dashboard or the connector, contact us via chat and we’ll get them added for you.

Metrics used in this report are:

  • date,
  • product,
  • transactions,
  • transactionrevenue,
  • marketplace,
  • item_status,
  • quantity,
  • item_price,
  • last_updated_date,
  • order_status,
  • fulfillment_channel,
  • sales_channel,
  • order_channel,
  • item_promotion_discount,
  • ship_city,
  • ship_state,
  • ship_postal_code,
  • ship_country.

Full list of available metrics and dimensions for advanced users:

Product NameThe Product Name
Product NameThe Product Name (Duplicate of Product)
DateThe Order Date
TransactionsThe Number of Transactions (Duplicate of Quantity)
Product QuantityThe Product Quantity
Transaction RevenueThe Transaction Revenue (Duplicate of Item Price)
Item PriceThe Price of the Item
Amazon Order IDThe Amazon Order ID
Merchant Order IDThe Merchant Order ID
Last Updated DateLast Updated Date
Order StatusThe Order Status
Fulfillment ChannelThe Fulfillment Channel
Sales ChannelThe Sales Channel
Order ChannelThe Order Channel
Shipping Service LevelThe Shipping Service Level
Item StatusThe Status of the Item
Item TaxThe Tax of the Item
Shipping PriceThe Shipping Price
Shipping TaxThe Shipping Tax
Gift Wrap PriceThe Price of the Gift Wrap
Gift Wrap TaxThe Tax of the Gift Wrap
Item Promotion DiscountThe Promotion Discount
Shipping Promotion DiscountThe Shipping Promotion Discount
Shipping CityThe Shipping City
Shipping StateThe Shipping State
Shipping Postal CodeThe Shipping Postal Code
Shipping CountryThe Shipping Country
Promotion IDThe Promotion ID
Is business orderWhether or not this is a business order
Purchaser Order NumberThe Purchaser Order Number
Price DesignationThe Price Designation
MarketplaceThe Amazon Seller Central Marketplace
Sold by Amazon Business EU SARLIs true if the items in this order were bought and re-sold by Amazon Business EU SARL (ABEU)


Report queries the data through our connector and makes it available in real-time.

At the moment you can use our Power BI template for the Desktop version of Power BI. Of course, once you save it in Power BI Desktop, you can publish the report to your web services.

To get started

1. Connect your Amazon data to Windsor.ai here

  • Register or login if you already have an account.


register Power BI

  • Select Amazon account from the dropdown and remember to grant access.


api key Power BI

  • After completing the process of registering and connecting your data from Step 1

2. Download Power BI Desktop Template: Amazon Overview Report

  • In the template on the start screen, paste your API Key from Step 1 like here and, optionally, choose the date range.

Power BI Amazon


  • Your data should be loading now. Depending on your data size this may take a minute or two.


Important: You will need to change the fields to their types (e.g. date, decimals, whole numbers, …) to use them in aggregations (sums, averages, …) or date filters. For users in Europe and other countries where a comma is used for decimals please change the locale of the data to English.