What is Amazon Ads Marketing Dashboard?

Amazon Ads marketing dashboard is a tool designed to help you prepare reports from your Amazon marketing campaigns. The marketing reports dashboards are designed and built to capture all key metrics and dimensions from your Amazon advertising. Amazon Ads marketing dashboards work specifically with data from your Amazon accounts of your business. Use the dataflows feature in the Amazon Ads report builder template to integrate your Amazon data for powerful real-time marketing analytics. The dashboards are customizable.


Benefits of Using Amazon Ads Dashboard

Amazon reporting templates and dashboards help you monitor your KPIs and create quick reports. Using the templates is easy because no technical data analytics skills are needed. Other than the ease of use, Amazon ads dashboards are free. The benefits of free Amazon Ads templates to your business will be as follows;


Quick reports and marketing analytics

Connecting to Amazon ads dashboards is fast. You only need to connect your Amazon account to the dashboard. The express dashboard produces a report from your Amazon ads data. You can choose between different templates and customize the dashboard to suit your needs. With the Amazon ads dashboard, reporting about your marketing analytics is fast and efficient.


Automate and schedule reports

You can automate and schedule report building with Amazon ads templates. This means you can send updated data to your Amazon Ads report templates automatically using the dataflow features. It also means that you can set the time when you want the reports to be produced. The automated reports allow you to spend less time on marketing analytics and more time on strategic decision-making.


Improve your KPIs

The main purpose of an express dashboard is to monitor your KPIs in real time, control performance, and make decisions based on data. With the realtime dashboard, you can monitor trends in the performance of your marketing campaigns and make real-time decisions to influence the outcomes of the marketing campaigns. More importantly, the Amazon Ads dashboard templates provide insights to support your tactical, operational, and strategic marketing decisions. Amazon ads reporting templates and express dashboards help you improve your KPIs based on real-time data.


Maximize return on Ad spend (ROAS)

Amazon ads reporting templates and dashboards help you maximize the ROAS. The dashboards enable you to track the costs of your marketing campaigns against impressions, clicks, leads, and conversions. The metrics enable you to determine the performance of your advertising and marketing efforts, including ad spend and pay-per-click. You can further analyze the marketing cost data to bring out the cost ratios that matter most based on your marketing goals and objectives, such as cost per conversion. Subsequently, you can make decisions to optimize the campaigns and maximize the return on invested marketing dollars.



What is Amazon Ads?

Amazon ads refers to Amazon advertising solutions. Amazon lets you create marketing campaigns consistent with your goals such as building brand awareness, enhancing customer loyalty, or growing sales. With Amazon Ads, you can place marketing campaigns for sponsored brands, sponsored products, and sponsored displays and only pay when customers click on your ads. Through the pay-per-click plans, users of Amazon ads can draw a direct nexus between marketing efforts and business outcomes, particularly the returns on ad spend.


What is Amazon Ads used for?

You use Amazon ads to drive your marketing goals and objectives. The objectives can include creating awareness about your brand or increasing brand loyalty. The most important goal for many businesses is to drive the sale of sponsored brands and products through Amazon ads. Amazon allows advertisers to analyze the market performance of their ads by various dimensions, including the geographical locations from which users click the ads.


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