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What is a Small Business Dashboard?

A Small Business Dashboard is a visual representation showcasing key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics, presenting distinctive insights into the vitality and performance of a small business.

This dashboard not only furnishes small business proprietors with a straightforward and comprehensible overview of their business activities but also facilitates effortless measurement of the efficacy of marketing and sales strategies, campaign return on investment (ROI), assessment of individual and collective progress against predefined objectives, and the monitoring of financial aspects, among other factors.

The use of a centralized dashboard not only enhances efficiency but also saves time, as data is automatically retrieved, eliminating the need to manually extract information from each individual platform.



What metrics are essential to include in a dashboard for a small business?

It is not necessary for a small business owner to track every metric. Therefore, it is more efficient in terms of both time and cost to monitor only those metrics that offer a comprehensive overview of the status of your small business.

As a result, you will be able to promptly discern the effectiveness of different aspects and enhance your approach gradually.

The crucial metrics that require tracking for small businesses are:

  • Sales revenue
  • Net profit
  • Sales growth
  • Customer retention rate
  • Net income



Which platforms should be included in a dashboard for a small business?

A dashboard for a small business should incorporate data from all the channels used for marketing strategies. By comparing the data, it allows for a better understanding of how these channels interact and aids in achieving the business objectives.

Google AdsFacebook AdsBing AdsGoogle Analytics 4
LinkedIn AdsTikTok AdsSnapchat AdsHubSpot CRM
CriteoShopifyTwitter AdsSalesforce CRM
AppNexusGoogle Display & Video 360Google Search ConsoleStripe
Facebook Page InsightsGoogle My BusinessAmazon Seller Central & Amazon MWSYoutube