Looker Studio Pinterest Ads Overview Report

Looker Studio Pinterest Ads Overview Report
Do you want to get all your Pinterest Ads data into Looker Studio? This dashboard template, which includes a connector, will do exactly this. It connects to Pinterest Ads and retrieves all your data in real time.

The available dimensions and metrics are listed here

Number of times that your Pinterest Ads have been clicked
Total cost of your Pinterest Ads campaigns
Number of times your Pinterest ad is displayed to a user on publishers’ websites

The date


The name of the campaign

ConversionsThe total number of purchases completed (attributed based on Pinterest Ads pixel)
The total revenue of your campaigns generated from sales (attributed based on Pinterest Ads pixel)


The template is a great point to start. It’s super easy to adjust your template in Looker Studio to your liking once it’s created.

You can do the same and connect Mailchimp to Looker Studio.

You can find the steps to get started below. Please make sure that for the installation you have access to a Pinterest Business account which is linked to one (or more) Pinterest Ad accounts.


This dashboard connects to the following data source

  • Pinterest Ads


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To start using it

  1. Configure the Looker Studio Connector: Pinterest Ad Insights
  2. Once you finish installing the connector click the Create Report button
  3. Now your dashboard should be loading

To get other channels connected and visualised please check out our Free Marketing Template Gallery. If you are configuring Pinterest Ads, chances are hight that you also want to connect other ads data.


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