Supermetrics Alternatives You Must Try

Supermetrics Alternatives

What’s the best Supermetrics alternative?

Supermetrics stands out for offering incredible services and has experienced remarkable growth as a result. The most recent figures found online indicate that the company has recorded an impressive Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of US$50 million (Podcast here). This is a huge success. To get to this massive amount of revenue they extended their connectors portfolio, which is great. Sadly a big part of the revenue growth comes from them increasing their prices. If market growth alone does not fuel enough growth anymore, then, increasing prices is a great way to find revenue growth. Thats why you probably landed here looking for an alternative.

In this article, we’ll examine the top 8 Supermetrics competitors in the market with all their pros and cons. If you find that any of the data below is not 100% up to date please do write to us on the chat and we’ll get it updated right away.


In this article:

  1. Why Look for a Supermetrics Alternative?
  2. General Overview Table
  3. Best Supermetrics Alternatives
  6. Adverity
  7. Dataslayer
  8. Porter Metrics
  9. Other popular Supermetrics competitors
  10. Supermetrics Overview
  11. Which Supermetrics alternative are you choosing?
  12. FAQ


Why Look for a Supermetrics Alternative?

There are several reasons why someone might consider looking for an alternative to Supermetrics. Here’s what we hear from Supemetrics users out there:

  • Increasing pricesYour license is expiring and a friendly Supermetrics account executive is telling you to upgrade to a plan which is beyond what you are willing to pay.
  • You’re trying to add more users to your Supermetrics plan and because you’re on a legacy plan the only way to do so is to upgrade to a non-legacy plan, which breaks the bank.
  • You’re trying to add an additional data source and you noticed that you need to upgrade to an enterprise plan.
  • A new connector you’re trying to add to your configuration is on Supermetrics’ premium connectors plans which are not included in your current package. The next package is at 3x your current price.
  • Your data pipelines or dashboards keep breaking and support is not helping. Enough is enough, …
  • There is a super exotic connector which Supermetrics does not have and it’s a deal breaker for you.


Overall based on the discussions we have it’s pretty much 80/20 in terms of reasons to search for an alternative: 80% is because of pricing related issues and 20% is because of everything else.


General Overview Table


Before running through the options one by one, the table below outlines the options you have.

SupermetricsWindsor.aiFunnelAdverityDataslayerPorter Metrics
Free trial (no talking to sales)
Paid plans starting from$29/month$19/month$360/month$500/month*$39/month$12.49/month
G2 review score average (1 to 5 stars)
Number of connectors available1383033603634318
All connectors available on all pricing tiers
Data mapping feature (creation of own metrics and dimensions)
Free forever plan
Unlimited users on all plans
Use of all destinations with all plans
Business intelligence and spreadsheets features
Looker Studio connectors13894113219
Power BI connector
Tableau connectorvia API
Google Sheets plugin
Excel integration
API access starting priceEnteprise plan only*$19/month$1000/month*$2000/month*$355/monthNo API
Security features
SOC2 Type 2 compliant
Single sign on/MFA
Database destination features
Pricing not based on row counts
Starting price BigQuery data transfersEnteprise plan only*$19/month$1000/month*$2000/month*$355/month
Starting price Snowflake data transfersEnteprise plan only*$19/month$1000/month*$2000/month*
Starting price Azure SQL/blob storage data transfersEnteprise plan only*$19/month$1000/month*$2000/month*
Starting price Amazon S3 data transfersEnteprise plan only*$19/month$1000/month*$2000/month*
Starting price MySQL data transfersEnteprise plan only*$19/month$1000/month*$2000/month*
Starting price PostgreSQL data transfersEnteprise plan only*$19/month$1000/month*$2000/month*

*It’s your lucky day: You have to talk to a friendly sales rep.


Do let us know if there is another Supermetrics alternative we’ve missed out on (chat at the bottom right of the page).

Here’s a copy of this table in Google Sheets (including list of all connectors), in case you want to create a copy.


The table is sliced into 4 categories:


1. General

Free trial without talking to sales

Self-explanatory. We’re in 2024 and live in the age of product-led-growth (PLG). In our industry you’re at a real disadvantage (or have something to hide) if you don’t offer a free trial without sales interaction.

Only Adverity does not offer it.


Paid plans starting from

Here Porter Metrics technically wins. They offer a $12.49/month plan where the user can connect 1 account of 1 data source to Looker Studio or Google Sheets. offers a free plan for the same functionality, so technically it’s a win for Porter, but not really.


G2 review score

Here Dataslayer is tied with at 4.8. Supermetrics and Porter come in last with an average score of 4.4. It is worth highlighting that all these scores are really good.


Data mapping feature

The user can create their own metrics and dimensions (e.g. user creates a new metric which sum together Facebook Ads link clicks with Google Ads clicks into a new metric called custom_clicks). These features are only offered by Adverity and Funnel. They are not essential as the metric can always be created downstream (e.g. you sum them up in your Google Sheets, Looker Studio or in your BigQuery table).

That’s at least we ( did not implement such a feature.


Number of connectors

Here, Improvado leads the pack with 500+ connectors, followed by Fivetran at 445. It’s also a close tie between Adverity with 363 and Funnel with 360. Then follow, Supermetrics, and Hevodata. Porter comes last in the last spot.

2. Business intelligence and spreadsheet features

Looker Studio connectors

Here Supermetrics wins here with 138 listed Looker Studio connectors, followed by with 94 listed Looker Studio connectors. PowerMyAnalytics comes third with 45 connectors, while Dataslayer comes in fourth with 33 connectors, followed by PorterMetrics with 21 connectors. Reporting Ninja has 18 connectors, while Funnel and Adverity each have 2 connectors.


Power BI connector

All vendors with the exception of Dataslayer and Porter have a Power BI connector.


Tableau connector

All vendors with the exception of Dataslayer, Porter, PowerMyAnalytics, and allow users to pull data into Tableau. Supermetrics does not have a dedicated Tableau connector, but the exports can still be achieved via its API product.


Google Sheets extension

All vendors, except Hevodata, have a Google Sheets extension.


Excel integration

All vendors with the exception of Dataslayer, have Excel integration capabilities.


API access

Here, Dataslayer, PowerMyAnalytics, and Fivetran stand out as the vendors which allow self service API access. Supermetrics, Funnel, Adverity, and Improvado buck the PLG trend and want you to talk to a salesperson before letting you test drive their API product (plus pricing starting from $1000/month. Why?).

Porter Metrics does not offer an API as a product.

3. Security features

SOC2 Type 2 compliant

If you’re an enterprise buyer this is a big one for you. All vendors except for the less established Porter Metrics and Dataslayer are SOC2 Type2 compliant.


Single sign on/MFA

Same as with SOC2 Type 2 Porter and Dataslayer don’t have it.


4. Database destination features

This is best summed up without bullet points. BigQuery is available for trial and a reasonable fee only from and Dataslayer. With Snowflake, Azure, S3, MySQL, PostgreSQL only offers it for a reasonable fee. I decided to call >$1000/month unreasonable.

Supermetrics, Funnel and Adverity only let you try their database destinations after talking to a sales. Again this goes against the trend of offering self service trials and product led growth. Let’s hope this changes.



Best 5 Supermetrics Alternatives

Below you’ll find 5 Supermetrics alternatives. Some of them provide more flexibility with data, make data more actionable, or provide alternative pricing and integrations.

So let’s dive deeper into each of them.



windsor homepage

Getting marketing tools running is never the hardest part. Getting data from all these tools into one place and extracting insights is where the real difficulty lies. helps solve exactly this problem. 


Features supports more than 300 data sources. Most of them are marketing, CRM or ecommerce related. Think of Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Instagram Insights, Shopify,…

Click here for the full list of available data sources. Data from all these sources is then pushed into a data destination. The data destinations come in various categories:


BI PlatformsSpreadsheetsDatabaseDeveloper tools
Looker StudioGoogle SheetsBigQueryAPI
Power BIExcelSnowflakePython
TableauAzure SQL/Blob StorageR
Amazon S3 / Amazon Redshift


When comparing to Supermetrics there are a few key differences. With Supermetrics you buy packages for the different data destinations. This means that if you want to get data into Google Sheets and Looker Studio you’ll need to buy a license each. does not do that. This means that with every subscription you can use all of the data destinations listed above.

Another key difference is that with Windsor all connectors are treated the same way for pricing. With Supermetrics if you for example would like to get HubSpot data connected, you’re able to do so only on the  Super plan.  So even though the pricing starts at 39$/month if you need to get HubSpot connected you’ll need to fork out 499$/month.

When it comes to database destinations and the API product with you’re able to get started without having to talk to a sales rep.

Pricing for all plans (including database streaming and API) starts at $19/month.



  • > 300 data sources to 14 data destinations
  • G2 Review score average 4.8 out of 5
  • ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) functionality for all data destinations (incl. databases) available on all plans
  • All connectors available on all plans: No premium connectors
  • Extensive library of marketing dashboard templates
  • Database destination pricing independent of row count
  • SOC 2 Type 2 certified, supports single sign on and multi factor authentication
  • Email and live chat support



Windsor Prices


  • Free Plan
  • Free Trial – 30 days
  • Basic Plan – 19$/mo
  • Standard Plan – 99$/mo
  • Plus Plan – 249$/mo
  • Professional Plan – 499$/mo
  • Enterprise Plan – Ask for a quote


Windsor has a flat and competitive pricing. It offers a lot of data sources and has an open API to integrate with the tools you need.

You have multi-touch attribution available in each plan. offers a 30-days free trial and a free plan for the ETL functionality.


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However, some of the famous brands are already on their client list. clients vs. Supermetrics

Compared to Supermetrics, Windsor gives an understanding of the customer journey, attributes value to your marketing touchpoints, and helps to optimize ROAS.

Supermetrics may have a broader range of integrations and destinations, while focuses on AI-driven insights and cross-channel attribution. The choice between the two would depend on your specific requirements, preferred integrations, pricing, and the level of AI-driven insights you seek.



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2. main page offers an ETL functionality with 500+ sources you can pull your data from, data normalization, and integration with some popular reporting tools, like Looker Studio or Tableau.



The transformation part means that Funnel cleans up, maps out, and groups your data before loading it to a reporting tool or data warehouse.

Feature summary:

  • ETL functionality
  • Data mapping feature (creation of own metrics and dimensions)
  • SOC 2 Type 2 certified, supports single sign on and multi factor authentication
  • The support team is exceptional and typically resolves issues within a day
  • Two years of historical data are presented
  • can build connectors for users that request custom integrations


Pricing and Supermetrics provide similar functionality. But unlike Supermetrics, Funnel has a much clearer pricing model. At the same time, they charge based on your ad spend, which is not always the case. offers different pricing plans, including:

  • Free
  • Business  from €1000/mo
  • Enterprise – talk to sales vs. Supermetrics

These two tools offer similar ETL functionality. Funnel currently has in-product dashboards and advantage of integrating with 500+ sources, which can be a savior if you work with rare channels.

Funnel can be a better choice if:

  • You work with marketing channels only integrates with;
  • You need to pull your data into multiple destinations;
  • You’ll benefit from unlimited seats and ad accounts;


If you work with common marketing channels and pull your data to one particular destination, Supermetrics can offer you better pricing for this, regardless of your ad spend.



3. Adverity

adverity homepage


Adverity provides a platform for data integration and visualization. Additionally, it allows for data visualization in popular BI platforms like Looker Studio or Power BI. 



  • Integration of data sources
  • Integration of data warehouses (referred to as data destinations)
  • Visualization of data in external platforms
  • Data mapping feature (creation of own metrics and dimensions)
  • SOC 2 Type 2 certified, supports single sign on and multi factor authentication


While some reviews emphasize their focus on both data integration and dashboards, the website predominantly presents the platform as primarily an ETL tool.

As of March 2024, Adverity offers over 600 integrations with marketing tools. The data is then transferred to a chosen data warehouse for storage and subsequent visualization in any BI tool.



Adverity offers two pricing plans:

  1. Standard – €500 per month
  2. Professional – €2000 per month


Supermetrics vs. Adverity

As one of Adverity competitors, Supermetrics is well-suited for marketers and analysts who need to quickly extract data for reporting and analysis in familiar spreadsheet environments.

Adverity is suitable for organizations looking for a comprehensive marketing data management solution, including integration, warehousing, and visualization, especially for larger enterprises with complex data needs.



4. Dataslayer

Dataslayer is a tool designed to simplify data reporting for digital marketers, primarily within the Google Sheets environment. It focuses on extracting and visualizing data from various PPC platforms and integrating it directly into Google Sheets, Google Looker Studio, API with BI tools and Google BigQuery.



Well, there’s not much to add. is pretty clear on what they offer.

Feature Summary:

  • Data extraction and transformation
  • All connectors available on all plans: No premium connectors
  • Integrates with various apps and platforms
  • Unlimited users with one subscription
  • Automate and schedule daily reports



By charging based on API usage rather than per user, data source, and account, provides a more flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses and agencies with varying reporting requirements.

Dataslayer offers a 15-days free trial and a free plan.


Supermetrics vs. Dataslayer

Supermetrics is a widely used data integration platform that allows users to extract data from various online marketing platforms and bring it into popular reporting tools like Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Microsoft Excel, and others. specializes in extracting data from Google Ads and Facebook Ads, making it a valuable tool for marketers heavily invested in these advertising platforms.


The developers of Dataslayer understand that users prefer to avoid switching platforms to avoid redoing all their previous work.

To accommodate this, Dataslayer offers a migration tool that allows customers to seamlessly import queries from Supermetrics, enabling them to continue working on their existing reports without interruption.



5. Porter

Portermetrics home page
PorterMetrics is a data integration tool that specializes in providing Google Looker Studio data connectors, specifically for social media and advertising data.



  • PorterMetrics focuses on providing data connectors specifically for Google Looker Studio, allowing users to connect and integrate social media and advertising data into their Looker Studio environment. This can be beneficial for organizations that heavily rely on Looker Studio for their data analytics and reporting needs.
  • PorterMetrics offers data-rich templates to its customers, providing pre-built dashboards and reports that can be customized and tailored to specific business requirements. These templates can save time and effort in setting up data visualizations and reporting structures.
  • PorterMetrics is known for providing excellent customer service. Having reliable and responsive support can be valuable when facing technical issues or needing assistance with data integration and analysis.
  • All connectors available on all plans: No premium connectors
  • Automated report delivery scheduling



  • Solo – $12,49/mo
  • Teams – $33,33/mo
  • Agencies – $83,33/mo
  • Agencies PRO – $150/mo


PorterMetrics vs. Supermetrics

PorterMetrics is a Supermetrics alternative with lower prices, better customer service, and more ease of use.

Supermetrics still comes with greater advantages such as way more integrations and destinations.


Other popular Supermetrics competitors


Apipheny review

Apipheny is a data automation tool that allows users to pull API data from JSON and CSV API sources into Google Sheets.



  • With Apipheny, it’s possible to transform data directly within Google Sheets. The user can filter, sort, and aggregate data utilizing built-in spreadsheet functions.
  • Apipheny enables users to schedule their API requests. So, it refreshes automatically at certain intervals, e.g., every hour, day, week, or month.
  • API requests are customizable, which means users can utilize parameters like query strings and authentication techniques to get certain data sets.
  • Apipheny provides free APIs for testing without requiring authentication.
  • Custom formulas are supported by Apipheny to allow users to manipulate and assess imported data further.


Apipheny Pricing

  • Free plan
  • Hobby- $8/month/user
  • Pro- $15/month/user
  • Business- $29/month/user
  • Enterprise- $49/month/user
  •  Unlimited- $97/month/user


Apipheny vs. Supermetrics

Apipheny is known for facilitating API-focused tasks and providing customizable requests. It also offers way cheaper options than Supermetrics.

Supermetrics offers more integration choices with advanced reporting features for data visualization.




Databox is a business analytics tool that pulls data into a single place to help users monitor key performance metrics and uncover new insights for informed decision-making.



  • Databox enables users to create custom reports/dashboards and share them with others automatically.
  • It includes pre-built dashboard templates for different use cases.
  • Users can set alerts and notifications on Databox using specific metric thresholds. This allows them to know when certain goals are met or when they are not on the right track.
  • Databox enables users to anticipate performance by helping them analyze historical data. As a result, they can make better decisions and plan ahead.
  • Databox integrations with multiple platforms mean users can compare performance across the board and find opportunities for improvement.


Databox pricing

  • Free plan
  • Starter – $47/month
  • Professional – $135/month
  • Growth – $319/month
  • Premium – $799/month


All paid plans feature unlimited dashboards and reports.


Databox vs. Supermetrics

Databox and Supermetrics essentially share the same target audience. Individual users and companies that want to assess their marketing metrics and KPIs can find both platforms useful. However, Supermetrics offers more integration options but at a slightly higher price point. It also features advanced reporting capabilities, which allow users to perform in-depth analysis across various platforms. This makes it one of the best Databox alternatives if the users want to identify correlations, trends, and patterns to improve performance across multiple aspects of their operations.


Reporting Ninja

Reporting Ninja

Reporting Ninja is a marketing reporting tool that helps businesses gain important insights from their data for enhanced decision-making.



  • With the Ninja dashboard, the user can create reports and apply different dimensions and filters.
  • Reporting Ninja supports 3 destinations and integrates with multiple data sources, including TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon Ads, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and more.
  • It transforms the complexity of PPC tracking across various ad platforms into a simple process.
  • Thanks to Ninja reporting tools, businesses can segment traffic, evaluate content, and monitor goals with ease.
  • With Ninja analytics, insights reports are generated within minutes, ensuring organizations make smarter decisions faster.


Reporting Ninja Pricing

  • Starter – $20/month
  • Small – $40/month
  • Medium – $70/month
  • Large – $120/month

Reporting Ninja vs Supermetrics

Both Supermetrics and Reporting Ninja facilitate data-driven decision-making by making it easier for users to generate insightful reports. However, Supermetrics features more tools, data sources, connectors, and destinations. This makes it ideal for businesses dealing with large data sets.


This tool helps businesses automate their reporting and data management processes. Improvado pricing packages are not revealed to the public, so users have to book a call to receive a quote for specific features they want.



Fivetran is a cloud-based platform that helps companies extract, load, and transform data between numerous sources and destinations. Сheck here Supermetrics vs Fivetran.

Stitch Data 

Stitch data integrations simplify the process of syncing data from different sources into data warehouses. Stitch integrations allow users to easily access unified datasets for reporting and analysis purposes. Check here Supermetrics vs Stitch to learn. is a platform that helps users turn raw data into simple reports without coding. With the tool’s help, users can export and blend data from multiple business apps, streamline workflows, and generate live reports. Scheduling options are available for automating the data refreshing process. Сheck here Supermetrics vs


Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Defined as a SaaS data platform, Marketing Cloud Intelligence, formerly Datorama, is utilized to onboard and visualize marketing data from various sources. The platform stands out for its robust data connectors and cost-efficient solutions for medium and large businesses.



This cloud-based marketing reporting tool allows users to build and generate attractive reports within minutes. However, if you are exploring marketing data platforms, considering a Whatagraph alternative may be necessary to have access to different features and capabilities. With plenty of Whatagraph alternatives available on the market, you are sure to find the one that suits your unique business needs. Check here Whatagraph vs Supermetrics.



This is a data and visualization tool used to track various metrics, including social media engagement, customer satisfaction, sales, and more. Klipfolio pricing is competitive, with different pricing packages to choose from. This makes it an ideal option for both small and large businesses.


Power My Analytics

Power My Analytics is a codeless ETL tool that provides direct marketing data source integrations to various destinations. As a result, businesses can analyze their data, create meaningful reports, and use the insights gained to make informed decisions.



As a marketing analytics and reporting platform, DashThis enables businesses to determine and track their marketing performance across different channels. DashThis pricing features packages that range between $42 and $382 monthly All pricing plans support unlimited DashThis integrations, data source aggregation, preset templates, and custom logos, among others. DashThis reviews on G2 are quite impressive, with some praising it for its ease of use and excellent customer service. For users wanting more options, there are several DashThis alternatives that provide the same features to suit different requirements and preferences.



With Rockerbox, businesses can get a unified view of the effects of their marketing efforts on customers. By providing a platform for centralizing and analyzing marketing data across various platforms, Rockerbox allows users to evaluate channel effectiveness and make appropriate decisions. Rockerbox offers a free plan featuring basic data aggregation, Google Sheets reporting template, and live spend trends dashboard. Of course, Rockerbox competitors may offer similar services but may try to entice you with more features.


Awesome Table

Awesome Table is a data visualization tool that facilitates the creation of interactive and customizable tables, maps, and charts from Google Sheets data. Awesome Table pricing plans are relatively cost-friendly, ranging between $16 and $64/month, billed yearly. There’s a free trial, too. You might want to check Awesome Table Alternatives to have a range of options for generating dynamic visualizations from spreadsheet data.


Supermetrics Overview

Supermetrics helps you to get your marketing and analytics data from more than 120 sources to destinations like Looker Studio, Google Sheets and Excel. It recently has also started offering an API where users can get data to other tools such as Power BI or embed it in their on applications. For enterprise customers it also does offer data streaming of all the >120 connectors into destinations like BigQuery, Snowflake or Microsoft Azure. Moreover, free Supermetrics templates are also available for generating insightful reports from data. It was founded on the 30th of May 2013 with a very simple offering: bringing data from Google Analytics into Excel. It got traction immediately and users loved it. Mikael Thuneberg, Supermetrics’ Founder, then scaled the company to become one of the fastest growing startups in Finland. As of 2024 it has an annual recurring revenue of US$50 million, making it one of the biggest companies in the data pipeline and ETL space. If you are interested in Supermetrics’ story here is a great podcast with its founder.

To sum it up: As of now Supermetrics offers you to bring data from 120 different sources, mainly marketing and analytics related, to 16 various destinations, which are categorized into Spreadsheet tools, BI tools and data base destinations.


Supermetrics features

Many of the features which Supermetrics offers are summarized in the table above. It’s an essential tool to help marketers bring data from A to B. They then frame the different destinations as different products. This then makes the Supermetrics offering look like this:

Supermetrics for Google SheetsSupermetrics for Google Sheets
Supermetrics for Looker StudioSupermetrics for Google Data Studio/Supermetrics for Looker Studio (same, proabably it was added twice on their website for SEO purpose)
Supermetrics for BigQuerySupermetrics for BigQuery
Supermetrics APISupermetrics API
Supermetrics for ExcelSupermetrics for Excel


Marketing Intelligence Cloud

Lately they have also added a new product to their website called “Supermetrics Intelligence Cloud”.

Supermetrics Intelligence Cloud is part of Supermetrics Enterprise offering (talk to sales, etc..) and allows users to connect all their data sources and then:

  • Modify the data before sending it into a destination of choice. Modify in this context means that as user I can create new metrics and dimensions so that for example the link “clicks” metric from Facebook Ads are summed up with the “clicks” metric from Google Ads into a new user defined metrics called “total_clicks”.
  • Assign access rights for different data sources and metrics to different team members so that e.g. performance marketers only get access to ad data and CRM folks only get access to CRM data.
  • Create queries: Users can then set up custom queries where they can select columns (dimensions in Google terminology) together with metrics. Metrics can then be aggregated as needed (average, sum, count distinct, …)


In essence the intelligence cloud is a glorified version of what you can also achieve with a database. However, Supermetrics might have a point in creating such a feature. Marketers are often scared of touching databases and like WYSIWYG UI. A BigQuery user interface can be scary for less technical users so having the transformation feature upstream has some merits.


Supermetrics Pricing

supermetrics pricing new

Supermetrics pricing for Looker Studio starts at $39/month. The pricing for Google Sheets and Excel starts at $69/month. For data destinations the pricing for BigQuery and their API pricing, which you’ll need for Power BI, Snowflake, .. destinations, is not public, meaning you’ll need to talk to sales. As of March 2024 Supermetrics does not offer a free plan but there is a free 14 day trial.

The price for Supermetrics depends on the final destination, the number of data sources, the number of accounts per data source, and the users.

Please keep in mind that these base pricing values increase quickly.

Supermetrics does not provide pricing on a monthly basis.


1. Let’s look at the pricing for Google Sheets, Excel, and Looker Studio in more detail.

Pricing PlanPriceAccountsData SourcesUsersData RefreshExtra
Essential$29/mo341Weekly1 more data source for $19/month
Core$159/mo8263Daily1 more data source for $19/month
Enterprisetalk to SalesCustomUp to 105CustomHourly

You can see that in the Essential plan the subset of data sources available is only 4. These cover the following platforms:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics 4

So if you want any other connector like for example LinkedIn Ads you’ll need to pay another $19/month if you would like to add that. If for example you’d like to add HubSpot you can only do so on a higher tier plan: Core with upgrade. Which then sets you back $199/month + $19/month = $218/month just to connect HubSpot to Excel. Connecting an additional data source to Google Sheets or Looker Studio involves the same scenario.


Google Sheets
Pricing PlanPriceAccountsData SourcesUsersData RefreshExtra
Essential$29/mo341Weekly1 more data source for $19/month
Core$159/mo8243Daily1 more data source for $19/month
Enterprisetalk to SalesCustomUp to 121CustomHourly


Looker Studio

The pricing of Supermetrics for Looker Studio is quite similar.

Pricing PlanPriceAccountsData SourcesUsersExtra
Essential$29/mo3411 more data source for $19/ month
Core$159/mo82431 more data source for $19/ month
Enterprisetalk to SalesCustomCustomCustom integration pricing

Supermetrics provides a single plan for at a monthly cost of $19. This plan enables users to retrieve and display data from applications within the Paid Media category, encompassing platforms such as Facebook ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing), TikTok Ads, and Twitter Ads.

Additionally, users can generate up to 10 accounts per data source and benefit from daily automated refreshes.


Supermetrics API pricing

Supermetrics API does not have a predetermined pricing structure. To obtain pricing details, you need to complete a form with your company information and await a quote from their sales team.



Supermetrics integrations

Supermetrics helps businesses integrate data from more than 130 data sources with a range of reporting and analytics tools. A good example is Supermetrics Salesforce integration, which allows users to get comprehensive sales insights from their CRM data. Or the Supermetrics Shopify connection, which simplifies data analysis for insightful e-commerce performance tracking.

Most connectors supported by Supermetrics fall into one of the following categories: Paid advertising, Web analytics, Mobile & app analytics, Social media, Sales, Ecommerce platforms,  Email automation, and SEO tools.

In addition, Supermetrics is constantly developing new data integrations. Users can even submit a request for a new connector or check the roadmap to see if the connector they’re looking for is already under development.  



Which Supermetrics alternative are you choosing?

There are tons of data integration solutions. And while it was easy to find competitors of Supermetrics, each of them serves its purpose and can be a gem for a specific case.

We can only provide different aspects to consider as you determine the best fit for your needs. In case you have a complex buyer journey and need to match the CRM data together with the analytics data, and Improvado are probably not the best choices. In case you would like to get started without talking to a salesperson, your choice would be Supermetrics, or Fivetran.

Some of the tools have vital features for enterprises, while a mid-size business won’t pay for them.

With some tools, you pay more for the integrations, with others – for the amount of data you send. Some of the tools provide the attribution modeling you might be looking for.


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Is Supermetrics worth the cost?

Absolutely yes, if you’re large organization a marketing agency or marketing agency. It’s not cost-efficient if you run a small business or work freelance.

Ultimately, the decision on whether Supermetrics is worth the cost for your business depends on factors such as the size of your organization, the complexity of your data integration needs, and your budget constraints.  Be sure to check out Supermetrics reviews on TrustRadius and G2 as well to understand what users love most about the platform and how you can leverage its features.


What is the equivalent of Supermetrics?

If you’re looking for alternatives or equivalents to Supermetrics, keep in mind that the landscape of marketing and analytics tools is continuously evolving. specializes in data aggregation and transformation for marketing purposes, allowing you to pull data from different marketing platforms and send it to destinations like Google BigQuery, Looker Studio, Snowflake and more.

Start you free trial today!


Who is Supermetrics for?

Here are some common users of Supermetrics:


1. Marketing Professionals

Supermetrics is popular among marketing professionals who need to gather data from various marketing platforms, such as GA4, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads, LinkedIn, and more.

Supermetrics is valuable for e-commerce businesses that operate on platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento. It enables them to track sales, traffic, and conversion data, helping them optimize their marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions.


2. Digital Marketing Agencies

Supermetrics is frequently used by digital marketing agencies to gather data from multiple clients’ advertising and analytics platforms. It allows agencies to consolidate and analyze data in a unified manner, create reports, and provide insights to their clients.


3. Business Analysts

Business analysts often utilize Supermetrics to collect data from different sources, such as CRM systems, web analytics tools, and advertising platforms, to perform in-depth analysis and generate reports.


4. Data Analysts & Scientists

Data analysts and data scientists can leverage Supermetrics to extract data from various sources and integrate it into their data analysis workflows.


Is there a free alternative to Supermetrics?

Unfortunately, there is not yet a completely free addon that works like Supermetrics. You’re going to have to use the Google Apps script if you wanna get your hands on one without paying.

Apps Script is a scripting platform that allows you to automate tasks within various Google services, including Google Sheets. By utilizing Google Apps Script, you can build your own custom data extraction and integration solution similar to Supermetrics. However, this would require coding skills or assistance from someone who can develop the solution for you.