Top 5 Adverity Alternatives To Know About in 2021

Top 5 Adverity alternatives in 2020

You’re relying on data when it comes to making marketing decisions? Not a bad choice. You probably heard of Adverity or might already use it.

If not, Adveritys Datatap platform helps to get all your marketing data in one place and helps you visualise it.

Getting the data in one place is the first step of become data-driven.

To be honest, Adverity does the job quite well.

adverity positive review on

Adverity positive review on


But no solution does the job 100% well. When looking and comparing on G2 and Capterra for reviews there are a lot of good and positive reviews but also some which are the opposite.

Some of the shortcomings are:

  • Depth and quality of support resources and documentation
  • Look and feel of dashboards and visualisations
  • Transformation operations need Python coding knowledge
Adverity review on

Adverity review on


These are probably some of the questions why you are here. Let’s dive deeper.

Below I’m going to dive a bit more into Adveritys competitors.

But for a start let’s have a closer look at Adverity.


Adverity Overview


Adverity website

Adverity website


Adverity is a data integration and data visualisation software. It let’s you load data from all your marketing sources and visualise it in it’s own platform or any other data visualisation tool like PowerBI or Data Studio.

They offer integrations to more than 400 sources as of March 2020.

Adverity Features

Adverity has three pillars to it’s offerings:

  • Integration of data sources
  • Integration of data warehouses (or data destinations as they call it)
  • Visualisation of data in third party platforms
Adverity features

Adverity features


From the reviews online it looks like they focus on providing dashboards together with their ETL tools. However, on the website it looks like the focus is shifting towards a pure ETL provider.

We see that they have many integrations which they make available in a data warehouse which then can be visualized in the business intelligence tool of choice.
To summarize the offering:
  • Integration of all marketing data
  • Transformation of data and storage in data warehouse of choice
  • Making the data available in a business intelligence tool

Adverity Pricing

That’s where it get’s a bit tricky.
The website does not list any pricing and one needs to talk to a sales person (aka book a demo) to know more.
Adverity pricing

Adverity Pricing on Website

The closest I was able to get was again from review which I’m sharing below.
Adverity pricing2

Adverity Pricing Comment 1 on

Adverity pricing3

Adverity Pricing Comment 2 on

To sum up the pricing

  • Based on a combination of the number of data sources which are integrated, the number of accounts which then consume this data and how the data will be used.

Adverity Alternatives


In the list below I’m summarizing the capabilities of 5 Adverity alternatives. They vary from ETL tools with a lot of flexibility (Stitch) to platforms providing actionable insights(, Rockerbox), a tool mainly focused on cost integration and standard data blending operations ( and a tool capable of ingesting, hosting and visualizing data (Datorama).
So let’s have a closer look at them


adverity gmbh logoImage result for windsor.aiImage result for funnel.ioImage result for improvadorockerbox logostitch logo
Free trialyesyesyesyesyesyes
PricingOn request onlyStarts free


On request onlyOn request onlyStarts free
Data source integrations400+30+500+180+60+100+
API access yesyes


$$$No infoyes
ETL functionalityyesyesyesyesExtract, transformyes
Attribution modelingnoyesnoyesyesno
Cross-platform data blendingyesyesyesyesyesyes
Customer journeynoyesnoyesyesno
Google Ads Optimizationnoyesnononono
SupportEmail & forumEmail & live chatLive chat & Help center articles24/7 live chat & phoneLive chatEmail & Forum – Data integration and attribution modeling

Buying marketing and advertising tools is not exactly hard work. On the other side to incorporate these tools and gaining insights is really where the issue usually is. aims to solve this challenge. Feature Overview is significantly more than an ETL tool. It supplies a data-driven attribution model. This means that you can combine your marketing analytics, CRM and advertising data to understand the impact each touchpoint had towards your conversions. You are probably familiar with the standard last-touch attribution model which comes with Google Analytics. It works for a lot of scenarios, however using Google Analytics, attribution becomes more challenging to understand the CPA on each touchpoint especially when they are early in the funnel and when you don’t have the costs available. If you want to connect CRM data to understand the impact of your marketing activities to CRM outcomes this is impossible with Google Analytics For most cases where the media buy is a bit more complex and on multiple channels, looking at a multi touch model is recommended

Feature summary:

  • ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) functionality;
  • Attribution modeling;
  • Cross-platform data blending;
  • Customer journey visualization;
  • TV Ads performance;
  • Google Ads Optimization;
  • Dashboards;
  • Email and live chat support. Pricing Pricing Pricing’s pricing starts with a free plan and gives as many data sources as you want and allows you to integrate any data source you want through its API. Multi-touch attribution and advertising optimization are available for all pricing tiers. If you need a longer date range you will need to pay extra. An unlimited date range and the bid optimizer come with the Professional plan for $499 per month. For basic and professional programs, the current range is 60 and 30 days respectively. Rating

Windsor is a relatively new player so it doesn’t have that many reviews yet. Rating on Rating on

Nevertheless, a number of the famous companies are on their customer list. vs Adverity is beneficial if you have two + advertising and marketing channels, a comparatively intricate client travel, and also a monthly ad spend of over $15K.

In comparison to Adverity, provides insights into customer journeys down to each advertising touchpoint and allows to optimize ROAS using its bid optimizer.

If you are looking at a more traditional solution with a yearly contract where you have to talk to a sales but on the other side can onboard all your agencies data, Adverity might be a good choice for you. — Data Integration tool with more than 500 sources provides a data integration tool with 500+ resources. You’ll be able to pull your data from any source, normalize it, and integrate it with a few popular reporting platforms, such as Data Studio or even Tableau. Feature Overview provides an ETL platform, which they decided to call CTF (Collect-Transform-Feed) instead. 

The transformation section means that cleans up (e.g. date transformations), maps, and groups your data stream before loading it into a BI tool or database.

Feature summary:

  • ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) functionality;
  • Cross-platform data blending;
  • Dashboards;
  • Live chat support & Help center articles. and Adverity bring a similar offering to the table in terms of number of connectors and integrations.

In terms of pricing transparency wins the comparison as the pricing is easily found on the website and it’s clear: The larger the advertising spend the deeper pockets you will need for a subscription. Pricing

For around $100,000/mo, you are going to pay $499/mo As much as $300,000/mo, you are going to pay $799/mo As much as $600,000/mo, you are going to pay $999/mo For larger spending brackets or in case you’re an agency, you will need to talk to a sales person.

Obviously, there are a couple of complaints regarding the pricing, but generally speaking, people are happy with Rating seem to have many satisfied customers with a 4.5 rating based on 74 reviews on G2. Definitely, one can also find a few negative reviews which evolved mainly around the pricing, but generally speaking, people are satisfied with vs. Adverity

Both of these tools provide comparable ETL functionality. Funnel as well as Adverity have in-product dashboards. In terms of integrations Funnel wins this comparison with it’s 500+ connectors, but Adverity is coming really close with 400+ connectors.

Funnel could be a much better alternative if: You buy advertising on channels which just integrates with; You want to get a clear picture with pricing based on one factor – your media spending; You don’t want a yearly contract.
On the other hand side if you are a medium- to large size agency looking to onboard all customer data into a single platform, Adverity might be a good choice for you.

Improvado – Connect all your marketing data in minutes, without developers

Improvado  provides a guarantee of getting all of your marketing and advertising data in 1 spot within minutes. With no programmers’ help.

Improvado hero

The installation of the tool is really clear and quick.

But these are not the only features ofImprovado. Let’s have a close look at it.

Improvado Feature Overview

Improvado highlights the ETL performance and making it effortless to pull the information into a reporting instrument or a data warehouse. With now about 180 integrations, you’re probably find exactly what you want. Beside ETL capabilities, Improvado provides internal dashboards and attribution modeling alternatives. It’s worth highlighting that Improvado additionally supplies white-labeled dashboards, which might be an important factor for marketing agencies.

Feature Summary:

  • Multi-touch attribution modeling;
  • ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) functionality;
  • Cross-platform data blending;
  • Dashboards;
  • 24/7 live chat and phone support.

Improvado Pricing

Improvado pricing

Improvado pricing

Improvado simply offers custom pricing, which you’ll only get to know after talking to a sales. This might be fine for mid- and larger size organizations but if you want to just try out the software quickly, without having to talk to anyone it can be a red flag.

Improvado Rating

Improvado rating

Improvado rating

Overall Improvado has a solid rating on G2 with an average score of 4.5. There seems nothing which it’s users really complain about. What we have noted that lately not many new reviews of Improvado have been added.
The only drawback with Improvado really is that you will need to talk to a sales.

Improvado vs. Adverity

Based on the messaging and the ratings if you are a small or mid-size brand or agency, Improvado is probably your choice.
Adverity wins in terms of numbers of integrations and is geared towards bigger brands.

Therefore, if you are a little or midsize company, Improvado provides better pricing to your ETL functionality. And in the event you will need attribution modeling for a sensible price, then is a place that you go.

Rockerbox – Attribution for D2C Marketers

Rockerbox differentiates itself from the other tools in this comparison with a clear focus on D2C Attribution. In the Extract-Transform-Load series, the others contenders offer you the first two measures only. Thus, Rockerbox is a attribution modeling tool for direct to consumer companies. However, it fits here well in the event you’ve got a problem that attribution surpasses greater than ETL like enhancing your ROAS.

Rockerbox Feature Overview

rockerbox hero

Rockerbox overview

Rockerbox Features

Rockerbox features

Rockerbox features

Well, there is not much to add on to this. Rockerbox is fairly clear and concise in their messaging on what they provide.

Feature Summary:

  • Multi-touch attribution modeling;
  • Data extraction and transformation;
  • Cross-platform data blending;
  • Customer journey visualization;
  • TV Ads performance;
  • Dashboards;
  • Live chat support

You may learn more detailed about their attribution modeling approach here :

Rockerbox Pricing

Rockerbox doesn’t publicly share their pricing, which means you have to talk to their team to get a custom quote.

Rockerbox Rating

Rockerbox was founded in 2013, meaning that the company is comparatively new. In this time period. When we searched we could not find any review on G2 and just one 4-stars review on Capterra.

Rockerbox vs. Adverity

Both are unique options. In case you want to only connect, visualize and present your data , it is more likely that Adverity that will fulfill your requirements. But if you would like to work on maximizing the marketing ROI online and offline, then attribution modeling is exactly what makes your job easier. So Rockerbox may be a fantastic fit if you’ve got the objective of enhancing ROI, you have multiple touchpoint and highly measurable outcomes (ROAS, CPA) you would like to optimise.

Stitch (by Talend) – All your your data. Where you want it. In minutes.

stitch hero

Stitch overview

Stitch is a sophisticated ELT solution that’s secure and flexible. They’ve got an open-source code, making it feasible to incorporate with any tools. In terms of compliance they also offer HIPAA, GDPR and SOC2.

Stitch Feature Overview

stitch features

Stitch features

The list appears to be filled with features. But these are now details of ELT performance, which clearly reveals the complexity of the solution. Characteristics as Stitch reveals: Features Summary: Stich pricing is dependent upon the number of data rows you’ve got. As long as you don’t exceed 5 million rows in total, the platform stays free forever. But just”free” data sources can be found in the free tier. Worth stating, the free tier is limited to ten data sources and one destination. For more, you will need to have a chat with one of their friendly sales reps.

Stitch Rating

Stitch rating

Stitch rating

On G2, Stitch includes a 4.8/5 evaluation according to 48 public testimonials. It’s a strong ETL solution, and their clients do not whine about it.

Stitch vs. Adverity

It’s dependent upon the information sources you want and the number of information you’ve got. For those who have up to five resources which are on Stitch’s integration checklist, you can opt for a totally free program with Stitch. Unfortunately we don’t know how the pricing tiers compare once you exceed 5 million rows. In terms of functionality both solutions seem on par with Stitch having a slight advantage for companies which need HIPAA and SOC2 compliance. GDPR compliance is given with both.


You will find a lot of information integration options. And while it was easy to find 5 competitors of Adverity, each of these tools have their own strengths and weaknesses. A few of the tools have critical features for enterprise accounts, which are in many cases not necessary for small and medium companies.

We have platforms starting for free and on the other side of the spectrum, some which charge well in the thousands on a monthly basis. Usually the more expensive a tool gets the more white-glove service you can expect.
I hope this article will make it easier to make a decision on what tool you will ultimately choose.