Best Google Data Studio Connectors in 2022

best google data studio connectors 2022

The best approach to implement your marketing data into Google Data Studio

Develop cross-channel interactive reports with the Google Data Studio by incorporating Facebook, HubSpot, Instagram, and countless information.

Establish your worth with a dashboard

Spreadsheets are ideal for ad hoc data crunching and analysis, but your results are not pleasant to present to non-marketers. You want to make your findings easy to consume instead of confusing your manager or client with an enormous table. Data and dashboards can improve visualization.

You can design the Dashboard from Google Data Studio. The system will instantly pull the information from as many sources as you require. The best part is it takes only a few minutes to get started because all you have to do is validate your data sources.

We highly recommend you start with our free trial to understand it better.

Combine data from several sources

Google Data Studio is a clear accessible tool for the formation of prominently supplicating dashboards. The individual reporting of UI provides on each platform — and each user interface has its unique features. Rather than getting well acquainted with these oddities, you may draw data from several data sources, including Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, HubSpot, and many others, directly into your Data Studio Dashboard.

At, we try our best to provide you all the measurements and dimensions from the most major marketing platforms instead of obtaining limited data sets from hundreds of sources. You may even find some measurements and dimensions not present in native platforms by looking closely.


Automate transfers of information and focus on issues

Why not automate tedious data and concentrate time on what is a real producing result. Instead of spending hours every month creating reports to your managers, customers, or both?

You will see what works and what does not at a glance with for Data Studio. You can also focus on building new ad groups, tweaking existing campaigns, and repeating the most effective ad variants rather than manually adding data to your dashboard if you know which fields need improvement. Surprisingly all of these can be done without ever leaving Data Studio.

Fetch unlimited data from Big Query

If your marketing data warehouse is using the Google Big Query, you will have fun. Unlike other available solutions, connects with a single data source instance into all of your Big Query tables and draws all that data into Data Studio. Also, to merge data from different tables, you do not have to write a single line of SQL.

Our Data Studio Big Query connector also comes with intelligent features. The connectors do all hard lifting from the automatic setting of the appropriate data types to fields and adding calculated metrics such as a CTR, to focus on more important aspects such as analysis and optimization of results.

Try for FREE 

You don’t need to pay to obtain complete access to the 14-day free trial of Winsor for Data Studio.

Why Windsor?

Quality of the connector

The reality is that too many separate sources do not require any data. And so, we have established substantial connectors to the most popular platforms instead of making shallow links to hundreds of marketing sites.

Integrity of data

Your data behind the hood we don’t interfere. The numbers and field names you receive via Winsor are the same names and numbers that are displayed in native UIs.

Partnership with Google and active community

In close cooperation with Google, our Data Studio connectors has been built and, we continue to work with them to improve it. The active Google Data Studio system also ensures that you get a solution promptly if you ever have a query regarding your dashboard.

Google is building a great ecosystem of free and paid connectors for Data Studio. As of this writing (latest update) in January 2021 there are more than 300 data studio connectors available. We’ve reviewed them and want to provide an overview of the data studio best connectors available. We’re focusing on the non-Google connectors here as the Google connectors already with great documentation and are in general very reliable.
To make the navigation easy we split them into sections:

Paid Media Connectors

facebook logo

Facebook Ads

This connector pulls all information you need from the Facebook Ads API into Google Data Studio. Inside Google Data Studio the data can then be blended with your analytics or CRM data.

Bing Ads / Microsoft Ads

Similar to the Google Ads connector provided by Google this connector allows to pull performance data from your Microsoft Ads (formerly known as Bing Ads) account and visualise it in Google Data Studio.

LinkedIn Ads

This connector connects to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account and extracts all metrics and dimensions to Google Data Studio. Similar as with the other connectors the data can either be shown in an own dashboard or it can be blended with Analytics data sets.

Twitter Ads

Connects to your Twitter Ads account and pulls your performance data into Google Data Studio. Once your data is in Data Studio you can blend it with your Analytics data.


Helps you connect your AdRoll data to see how well AdRoll performs.

TikTok Ads

This connector allows you to load all your TikTok Ads related performance data and visualise it in Data Studio.

Pinterest Ads

Connects all your Pinterest Ads campaigns to Data Studio. Includes a easy to use template.


Loads all performance data available from Criteo and makes it available in Data Studio.

Google Display & Video 360 (DoubleClick Bid Manager)

Connects and loads your DV360/DCM data into Google Data Studio in a few clicks. Clicks, impressions, campaigns, line items, … all available in Data Studio.


Connects all your AppNexus campaigns to Data Studio. If you UTM tag the ad’s which you are ad serving through AppNexus you can blend them with your Google Analytics data.

Attribution Connectors

favicon 310

Attribution Connector

In the above connectors I mention the data blending feature of Google Data Studio quite frequently. In certain instances when working with many different channels it can get to its limits. We built this Attribution connector which helps you to connect you all the marketing data you might have before they enter Data Studio. This could be analytics (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics), media (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, …), CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, …) or offline conversions data.

CRM Connectors

salesforce 1


This connector connects your Salesforce CRM data to Data Studio. Unfortunately it does not allow blending of data between Salesforce and your CRM platform but it provides the basics you’ll need to visualise Salesforce data in Data Studio.


Similar to the Salesforce connector, this connector helps you visualise your Hubspot data in Data Studio. It does however not provide matching of customer journeys between analytics and CRM data.
stripe large

Stripe Connector

Are you using Stripe to manage your transactions? With this connector you can get all your Stripe transaction data into Google Data Studio with a few clicks. It also allows you to blend data together so that you can link e-commerce transaction data from Google Analytics together with your Stripe data to understand net revenue impact.

E-commerce Store Connectors



Connects your Shopify data to Data Studio. As with the Magento connector, an additional added value of having this data present in Data Studio can be for data blending purposes. So instead of simply visualising the Shopify data on it’s own you can use Data Studios built in data blending feature to blend your Google Analytics e-commerce data together with your Shopify data and have a cancellation adjusted dashboard providing you useful insights.

Amazon Seller Central / Amazon MWS

Connects to your Amazon Seller Central data and pulls both Advertising as well as sell in and sell out data for the products you sell on Amazon.

Analytics Connectors

adobe analytics omniture

Adobe Analytics

This connector works similar to the Google Analytics connector and pulls your Adobe Analytics (aka Omniture) data into Data Studio.

Other Connectors

awin logo

Awin (Affiliate Window)

If you work with affiliates, chances are high that you use Awin. This connector gets all your Awin data into Data Studio so you understand the ROI of your affiliate publishers.
own connector 1

Build your own

If you need a data set available in Google Data Studio which does not have a connector you can develop one yourself ( There is also an active community of developers on GitHub ( where you can find code examples to get started. If you don’t have the time or don’t know how just drop us a line here and we’re happy to help.

Wrapping up

If you are an agency or an in-house media buyer chances are high that you will need at least one of the connectors mentioned above to get the Data Studio reports you want. In case you decided to go for one of the connectors above, you can get much deeper insights when you start connecting the data sets and blend the data. On their own they can be useful but blending the data is where the magic happens. In case you have a connector and would like to have it listed here, just drop us a note on the chat and we’ll be happy to add it.