Looker Studio Salesforce Overview Report

salesforce overview report

Do you want to connect and visualize your Salesforce data in Looker Studio? This template (including the connector) will help you with this. It connects to Salesforce via API and retrieves all your contacts data in no time. The dashboard here helps you to look at contact metrics over time. If you would like you could of course blend it with other data to understand the whole customer journey (more about this here). The dimensions and metrics we make available here are:


Field nameDescription
AccountIdID of the account that’s the parent of this contact.
AssistantNameThe assistant’s name.
AssistantPhoneThe assistant’s telephone number.
BirthdateThe contact’s birthdate.
DepartmentThe contact’s department.
EmailThe contact’s email address.
EmailBouncedDateIf bounce management is activated and an email sent to the contact bounces, the date and time of the bounce.
EmailBouncedReasonIf bounce management is activated and an email sent to the contact bounces, the reason for the bounce.
FaxThe contact’s fax numberLabel is Business Fax.
FirstEmailDateTimeThe date and time of the first email sent to the contact. This field is available in API version 48 and later if you enabled High Velocity Sales.
FirstNameThe contact’s first name up to 40 characters.
HomePhoneThe contact’s home telephone number.
LastActivityDateValue is the most recent of either:Due date of the most recent event logged against the record.
Due date of the most recently closed task associated with the record.
LastNameRequiredLast name of the contact up to 80 characters.
LastReferencedDateThe timestamp when the current user last accessed this record, a record related to this record, or a list view.
LeadSourceThe lead’s source.
MailingCityMailing address details.
MailingStateMailing state details.
MailingCountryMailing country.
MailingStreetStreet address for mailing address.
MobilePhoneContact’s mobile phone number.
NameConcatenation of FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, and Suffix up to 203 characters, including whitespaces.
OtherCityAlternative city details
OtherCountryAlternative country details.
OtherPostalCodeAlternative postal code details.
OtherStateAlternate address details.
OtherPhoneTelephone for alternate address.
OtherStreetStreet for alternate address.
OwnerIdThe ID of the owner of the account associated with this contact.
SalutationHonorific abbreviation, word, or phrase to be used in front of name in greetings, such as Dr. or Mrs.
TitleTitle of the contact, such as CEO or Vice President.


To start simple we have only included a few of them in the basic template. You are free to customize the dashboard to your liking once you are setup. But now let’s have a quick look at how to easily get started and whats required for you. Before you begin please make sure that you have a Salesforce user account at hand with enough rights to authenticate and connect to an external service.


This dashboard connects to the following data source


To start using it

  1. Configure the Looker Studio Connector: Salesforce Insights
  2. Once you finish installing the connector click the Create Report button
  3. Now your dashboard should be loading


To get other channels connected and visualised please check out our Marketing Template Gallery. If you are configuring Salesforce, chances are hight that you also want to connect Salesforce CRM data with your other marketing and advertising data.


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