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What is a Metrics Tracking Dashboard?

A Metrics Tracking Dashboard offers a comprehensive perspective of the key metrics that are significant to a business.

Decision makers will be able to utilize the valuable and strong insights offered by a metrics dashboard.

One can effectively assess the status of a company, evaluate the influence of organization-wide procedures and strategies, and appraise individual and overall advancements towards predetermined business targets and objectives, conveniently consolidated in a single location.


What metrics should be incorporated into a metrics tracking dashboard?

There is a vast array of metrics that can be monitored and evaluated, thus it is crucial to streamline the focus towards the top priorities and significant metrics.

It is crucial to concentrate only on the relevant metrics for your company.

By doing this, you will ensure that everyone remains focused on activities and tasks that contribute to achieving company-wide objectives.


Several metrics that are essential to monitor include:

  • Sales Key Performance Indicators
  • Marketing Key Performance Indicators
  • Finance Key Performance Indicators
  • Key Performance Indicators for Customer Success


These templates include important metrics to track for each of those particular types of reports.