Microsoft Power BI Salesforce Report Dashboard Template

  • Gert K 
Salesforce Report

Use this Power BI Salesforce Overview Report template to visualize your Salesforce Contacts in Power BI in a few clicks. You’ll have access to all Salesforce data and the whole process should not take you more than 5 minutes.

As a prerequisite to getting started you’ll need access to Salesforce. Please make sure that you have the necessary user rights to install an external app.

This reports pulls the following objects and fields:


  • Account
    • account_id
    • account_industry
  • Lead
    • lead_id
    • lead_is_converted
  • Contact
    • contact_firstname
    • contact_lastname
    • contact_email
    • contact_department
    • contact_phone
    • contact_mailingcountry
  • Task
    • task_id
  • Opportunity
    • opportunity_account_id
    • opportunity_amount
    • opportunity_stage_name
    • opportunity_is_won
    • opportunity_last_activity_date
    • opportunity_close_date
    • opportunity_created_date,
  • Campaign
    • campaign_id
    • campaign_budgeted_cost
    • campaign_expected_revenue
    • campaign_name
    • campaign_number_of_converted_leads
    • campaign_number_of_leads
    • campaign_end_date


This Power BI template has 3 report pages, Report, Overview, and Funnel, and can be customized with different fields, which you can find in available Salesforce data on an object level.


It queries the data through our connector and makes it available in real-time. Follow the steps outlined below to get your data connection.



To get started

1. Connect your Salesforce data to here

  • Register or log in if you already have an account.

Power BI Multichannel Marketing Attribution Register

  • Select Salesforce account from the dropdown and remember to grant access.

Amazon ONB

  • Copy your API Key from the “Select Destination” tab


The template is available both as

Choose your option:

Power BI Web Template

2a. Install Power BI Web App: Salesforce Overview Report

  • Click on Connect your data link on the yellow background on the top of the page.

Salesforce App

salesforce api key page

  • On the next screen click on Sign In

salesforce signin page

Your data should be loading now. Depending on your data size this may take a minute or two.

Power BI Desktop


If you would like to explore how the template on the Power BI desktop you can also download the latest version of the dashboard template in .PBIT format.

  • After completing the process of registering and connecting your data from Step 1

2b. Download Power BI Desktop Template: Salesforce Overview Report

  • In the template on the start screen, paste your API Key from Step 1 like here

Salesforce Template

Important: You will need to change the fields to their types (e.g. date, decimals, whole numbers, …) to use them in aggregations (sums, averages, …) or date filters. For users in Europe and other countries where a comma is used for decimals please change the locale of the data to English.

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