Google Sheets LinkedIn Ads Overview Report

Linkedin ads Google sheets

LinkedIn is a social networking site that primarily focuses on business connections. It is one of the most well-known social media sites in the world. As of April 2022, LinkedIn had at least 828.1 million members based on advertising audience reach estimates.

Therefore, it is imperative that as a B2B marketer, corporate organization, or small business, you get detailed reporting on your marketing effort on LinkedIn.

However, the LinkedIn Ads dashboard doesn’t provide a comprehensive visualization for effective reporting, making it difficult to make informed decisions about your marketing approach.

To make sense of the data on the LinkedIn Ads dashboard, you need some understanding of its analytics tool, which takes up time and resources you don’t necessarily have.

This blog post reveals how you can connect LinkedIn Ads to Google Sheets using  connector that can help you go through this process easily.  

Let’s dig in!


How to Use This Template


Step 1:

Login or Register on


Step 2:

Grant access to your LinkedIn Ads Account



Step 3:

Click on Google Sheets from the Destinations panel and copy your API KEY

Google Sheets API


Step 4:

Add’s Extension to Google sheets.

Google sheet extension


Step 5:

Copy the template below by clicking on File -> Make a copy
Template Link :  Google Sheets Linkedin Ads Overview Report

Copy tempalte google sheet


Step 6:

Under Extensions in the top ribbon of Google Sheets, select “Ad Data & Analytics by”, then “Login” and Paste your API KEY there:



Step 7:

Now under “Ad Data & Analytics by” extension press on Get Data into Sheet, then click on the Edit icon for the existing query (GetLinkedInData).



Select the accounts and the date range, then click on Load Data. Now you should see your own data in the “Dashboard” tab.


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