What is BigCommerce Reporting Dashboard?

BigCommerce reporting dashboard is a tool to help you create automated reports from your BigCommerce data. The reporting templates enable you to connect your data sources, customize the view, schedule and automate your report updates. You can use the BigCommerce dashboard templates to monitor performance metrics in real-time or produce detailed periodic reports of your ecommerce operations.


Why is BigCommerce Reporting Important?

BigCommerce reporting is important to your data-driven decision-making. BigCommerce reporting is also important when you want to scale and grow your business. Most importantly, you can use the free BigCommerce templates to inform your daily operations, thus creating operational efficiency in your ecommerce business.


Benefits of Using BigCommerce Reporting Dashboard


Using BigCommerce templates has various benefits, including the following;


Free Automated Reports

When you integrate the free BigCommerce templates with your data source, you can generate automated reports for free. Express dashboard features enable report updates whenever new data becomes available.


Ecommerce Performance Improvement

You can improve your ecommerce operations, including sales, growth, and scaling, when you effectively use the free BigCommerce dashboard to track your business goals. With real-time dashboard features, the BigCommerce templates provide real-time reports for prompt performance management activities.


Advertise and Sell Across Major Channels

Free BigCommerce templates help you analyze how your marketing campaigns perform across different channels. That way, you can make data-driven decisions to inform your marketing and selling decisions across all your channels.


Improve the Ecommerce Experience of your Customers

Using BigCommerce metrics captured in our free reporting templates, you can improve ecommerce UX. With metrics for Checkout UX, the BigCommerce templates will help you analyze and improve the checkout experience at various payment gateways.



What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a composable ecommerce solutions platform. It is suitable for all organization sizes since it offers features to help any business to adapt, scale, and grow.


What is BigCommerce used for?

BigCommerce is used to build ecommerce businesses. The platform provides various solutions that ecommerce businesses can customize when building their operations. Businesses also use BigCommerce to extend and improve their operations.


How much is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce pricing starts from $29/month in the Standard plan. The Plus plan is priced at $79/month, while the Pro plan starts at $299/month. You can also get a custom Enterprise plan. BigCommerce offers a free trial for 15 days to enable you to select a suitable plan.


Shopify vs BigCommerce

Shopify and BigCommerce will help you build, grow, and scale your online business. Both platforms are suitable for businesses of all sizes and are almost similarly priced. BigCommerce has many built-in features, while Shopify gives you access to many third-party apps. Consider your specific needs when choosing between the two platforms.


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