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What are Multi-channel Reporting Dashboards?

Multi-channel reporting dashboards function as marketing tools providing businesses with comprehensive insights into their digital initiatives and their associated specific objectives. This entails identifying key performance indicators for individual marketing campaigns, gauging their effectiveness through customer journey analytics, and monitoring their financial impact on the overall performance. Utilizing a reporting dashboard offers several fundamental yet impactful advantages:


1. Complete Business Visibility

Brands achieve a thorough understanding of their operations. Marketers can promptly assess the outcomes of their recent email campaigns and, with a few clicks, ascertain the extent of site traffic generated by their latest brand awareness initiatives.


2. Identification of Hidden Opportunities

With a holistic perspective, marketers can uncover trends, experiment with various aspects of their marketing strategies, and make informed optimizations based on incoming campaign and website data, making it easier to identify hidden opportunities.


3. Time and Cost Savings

A multi-channel reporting dashboard aids brands in discerning their most lucrative channels (e.g., social media, email, websites), enabling strategic allocation of marketing budgets. This knowledge helps reduce time spent navigating multiple platforms and minimizes advertising expenses on channels that underperform for the business.


The term “multichannel” encompasses a broad spectrum of possibilities. allows you to integrate various channels, including SEO, email marketing, ecommerce, website analytics, social media, and more. As an illustration, you have the flexibility to combine SEO, PPC, and email marketing to gain a comprehensive understanding of your acquisition strategies.


3 Best Multi-channel Marketing Attribution Dashboard Templates

  1. Microsoft Power BI Multichannel Marketing Attribution Dashboard Template
  2. Tableau Multichannel Attribution Dashboard Template
  3. Looker Studio Multichannel Attribution Dashboard Template