Data Studio AppNexus Overview Report

appnexus overview report 1

AppNexus helps marketers to serve ads and measure performance. Having cost, impression, click and conversion information in one place helps to reduce the time needed to get to insights. To get all your AppNexus data into Google Data Studio you will need to connect your AppNexus data and then build a report. This template can help you safe time on the creation of a new dashboard. You can simply reuse it and change it as you like.


By default we visualise the most commonly used metrics on a campaign level but you can change this and drill deeper into the data once you connect it.

This dashboard connects to the following data source

  • AppNexus

To start using it

  1. Configure the Google Data Studio Connector: AppNexus Ad Insights
  2. In the connector configuration screen enter your AppNexus username and password. Click Add
  3. In 2. Select Destination click Finish
  4. Back in Google Data Studio click on CONNECT, then click on CREATE REPORT
  5. Now your report is set up. Depending on your data volume it might take up to a minute to load.

If you are interested in integrating other channels or your analytics data together with your LinkedIn data, please check out our Template Gallery.