Best Google Data Studio Examples

best google data studio examples

Google Data Studio is growing rapidly. This is for a good reason: It’s free and it’s easy to share examples and templates. Of course it helps that Google is now pushing it as one of their most important apps with just recently embedding Google Data Studio reports into Google Analytics itself. The growth is not going to slow down anytime soon.

Uses of Google Data Studio

1) Add value to your business with a dashboard

Although spreadsheets are great for ad hoc analysis or data crunching, when it comes to showcasing your results to non-marketers, it’s not equally amazing. So, instead of using long spreadsheets and confusing your clients, you may use dashboards and data visualization as an easy way to understand and digest your findings.

While google data studio gives you the freedom to choose any type of dashboards you want, can help you quickly pull data from multiple sources. the step to get started will require only a few minutes, as all you need to do is just authenticating the data sources that you intend to use.

2) Mix data from multiple sources

Most of the marketing platforms have their reporting UI that comes with their quirks.  But instead of getting familiar with these quirks, you can easily pull data to your data studio dashboard from multiple data sources like google analytics, Facebook ads, HubSpot, and many more similar platforms.

To help our users get the best experience, we work to bring you all the dimensions and metrics from the most popular and widely used marketing platforms. Sometimes you can also find some metrics and dimensions; that are unavailable in native platforms.

3) Let your data get transferred automatically and focus on what matters the most.

Instead of spending hours extracting data and creating reports, automate the tedious work of data pulling and spend time on what is important: getting results.

With the use of for data studio, you can find what’s working and what’s not in just a single glance. After you become aware of which areas need improvements, you can take further steps to optimize your existing campaigns; creating new ad groups and replicating the ad variants with the highest performance. Instead of spending your time manually transporting data to your dashboard. The best part is, you don’t need to leave the data studio for doing all this.

4) Extract unlimited data from BigQuery

If you are using, google BigQuery as your marketing data warehouse, then is the best option for you. Unlike other similar tools, plugs into all your BigQuery tables and neatly pulls all your data into Data Studio. The best part is, the process of combining data from different tables doesn’t require you to write even a single line of SQL.

This chart here visualises the growing interest quite nicely

data studio interest over time

Getting started is straightforward. There are lots of connectors provided by Google and and data integration companies. In this article we’re going to cover some examples of dashboards which are useful for you if you want to get started quickly.

10 Best Google Data Studio Example Dashboards And Reports

Google Data Studio Example Categories

Multi Channel Dashboard Examples

Single Channel Dashboard Examples

SEO Examples

CRM Examples

Let’s start with the Multi Channel Dashboard Examples

Multi Channel Dashboard Examples

To get an overview across all channels for your clients or for yourself let us start with multi channel dashboards. For media optimisations and insights these dashboards often have the biggest impact as they tell us the big picture. Questions we want answered here are: How to reallocate budgets across channels for maximum impact.

Multi Channel Overview Report (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft (Bing Ads))

Multi channel marketing report

This example helps you to visualise data from all your advertising channels in a easy to read format. It does not deep dive into advanced channel details. The target audience is clients (if you are an agency) or your management (if you manage media in house).
By default it connects to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Microsoft/Bing Ads. Adding other data sources will take a minute or two each and is straightforward.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads Report

google ads vs facebook ads dashboard

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the most commonly used advertising platforms. This example helps you to keep on top of their performance to understand their performance. By default it visualises clicks, impressions, conversions and revenue (where applicable) performance.

Facebook Ads, Google Ads E-commerce Report

Data Studio Facebook Ecommerce Dashboard

This dashboard connects to Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and Google Ads and provides you an ideal overview. Developed by a digital agency  and used many times for E-commerce clients it is worth exploring if you’re an agency.

Single Channel Dashboard Examples

If you want to drill down deeper into a channel it often helps to have an additional dashboard for each channel where you can see the best performing assets within a channel. That’s what we will cover here.

Google Ads Overview Report

google ads dashboard


This template by Google helps you understand and act on all Google Ads Related metrics. It’s straightforward and simple to setup.

Click here to set up your copy

Facebook Ads Overview Report

facebook ads overview report 2

This dashboard provides you insights on all your Facebook Ads related data. It helps you visualise the platform reported performance on your paid Facebook and Instagram activities.

Microsoft/Bing Ads Overview Report

bing ads overview report

Similar to the Google Ads report, this template helps you to visualise all your Microsoft Ads (formerly known as Bing Ads) data.

TikTok Ads Overview Report

tik tok ads overview report

TikTok Ads is getting more and more attention from advertisers lately, that’s why we created this dashboard. It helps to visualise your TikTok Ads activities.

AdRoll, Criteo, AppNexus Overview Reports

I decided to group these together as overall these channels are not so commonly used but still deserve a mention. To make a copy of these dashboards, please head to our template gallery.

SEO Google Data Studio Examples

Google Data Studio SEO Report

seo reporting dashboard data studio

This report will help you visualise all the data you have available in your Google Webmaster Tools / Google Search Console. Simply connect your Search Console data and get started

CRM Google Data Studio Examples

Multi channel CRM marketing report

CRM Attribution Dashboard

This dashboard contains the most data sources of the list with blending together Google Analytics and CRM data (on a unique identifier) together with media data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Microsoft (Bing) Ads. The goal of this dashboard is to give your clients or your management an understanding on how paid and organic activities are contributing towards revenue and opportunities goals.


Connector quality

The reality is, no business needs data from hundreds of sources. Therefore, instead of confusing the user by building shallow connectors to hundreds of marketing platforms, we have selected the most popular platforms to build solid connectors.

Data integrity

We don’t mess up with the actual data. The field names and numbers that you will get through are exactly similar to what you will see in native reporting UIs. You will get only clean data and no sampling or other nonsense.

Active community and google partnership

Our data studio product is made in direct collaboration with Google. Hence you can get a guarantee from the active google data studio community that you will receive a quick solution if you ever run into a question about your dashboard.

Wrapping it up

Thanks for reading this far in this list. If you are working on a new dashboard template and would like to make it available to a larger audience, please drop us an email and we’ll include it on this list.
Last but not least: Should you encounter any issues with the dashboards or connecting the data, please contact us on the chat so we can make sure other visitors here get a great experience.

Try for free. for data studio offers you a free 15-day trial with full access. No need to input your credit card details.

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