Google Data Studio SEO Reporting Dashboard Template

seo reporting dashboard data studio

The best part of Google Data Studio is that it allows you to build any type of marketing report or dashboard. However, getting started may be tricky sometimes because of the number of data points available. Hence, you may start with a ready-made template. Here we will discuss Data Studio SEO reports.

If you want to learn by doing, you may try it out for free.

Data studio SEO reporting templates

While most SEOs will add data on google sheets, making client-facing and simple reports in data studio make sense as these reports look nicer and easy to understand. Below are some examples of good-looking SEO reports.

· Website analytics templates (Google Analytics Data)

Comparing organic website traffic to website traffic from other sources is one of the best methods to begin assessing the relative success of your SEO efforts.

In Google Data Studio’s basic website analytics dashboard, you may select to study all traffic, organic traffic only, or any combination of different traffic sources all at once.

· Organic traffic and keyword analysis templates

Analyze the engagement of your organic traffic with this free dashboard design. Track keyword ranks, sessions, goal completions, bounce rate, and a variety of other metrics to better connect the dots between your content marketing efforts and search engine performance.

You can quickly compare click-through rates between different sites. It helps you determine which search phrases are bringing in the most traffic.

· Data Studio SEO report template for Google My Business

If you run a small business in a local area with multiple branches, the Google My Business overview template helps you compare the organic visibility, reviews, and other features of your location.

· Moz domain authority Data Studio template

The Moz domain authority template can help you see how your domain compares against your competitors.

Our Google Data Studio SEO Reporting Dashboard Template visualizes all your search console data. The dashboard blends it with your Google Analytics data. You can also add it as a new page to your existing marketing reports.

This dashboard integrates with the following data sources:

  • Google Search Console

To start using it:

  1. Copy the Dashboard
  2. For the New Data Source select ‘Create new data source’
  3. Under Community Connectors, go to ‘Explore connectors’, find ‘Google connectors’, and select Google Search Console.

If you want to blend the data together with other data in your reports you may want to look into this article here which shows how to blend data. Other marketing reporting templates can be found in our template gallery. For a broader range of Google Data Studio Templates check this page instead.

You can try a few free SEO templates and better understand how it works.