Free Looker Studio Square Dashboard Template

Free Looker Studio Square Dashboard Template

With dozens of free white-label Looker Studio reporting templates for Square, helps you automate the monitoring and reporting of your ecommerce performance. Free Square templates track performance metrics like transaction fees, number of transactions, total payment volume, and chargeback rate. Using the free Square dashboard templates is easy. Just connect your data to get started.


Why is Square Reporting Important?

Square analytics gives small businesses all the tools needed to conduct retail and ecommerce operations. The tools include in-person, mobile, and online payment processing. Analyzing data from the payments and ecommerce solutions can enhance operational efficiency and sales output. Here are more benefits of Square reporting:


Optimize Transactions

Free Square templates help you optimize transaction volume by tracking various metrics including number of transactions, average transaction value, transaction success rate, and transaction decline rates. By studying the metrics, you can develop strategies to optimize and increase your transaction volume. You also grow the total value of your transactions.


Monitor Business Performance in Real-Time

Our Square gallery contains real-time dashboards for reports in Looker Studio. When you connect the real-time dashboards to your Square data, you can monitor business performance in real-time. The Square dashboards help you make operational decisions in real-time.


Automate Reporting

With express dashboards for Square in Looker Studio, you can automate your reports. The Square dashboard templates connect to your data sources with express dashboard features. The integration helps integrate your data automatically. Express dashboard enables you to build automated reports. Automated reporting cuts the time to insights and lets you focus on more important aspects of business decisions.


Increase Sales Revenue

The ultimate goal of reporting using Square templates is to increase sales. The free templates for Square analytics in Looker Studio provide you with insights that you can use to increase sales. Free Square dashboard templates help you grow sales BY highlighting the most important metrics for sales performance.


How to use it

  1. Configure the Looker Studio Connector:
  2. Once you finish installing the connector open the Square Performance Dashboard and make a copy of it (File -> Make a copy)
  3. Select the newly created data source.
  4. Now your dashboard is set up



What is Square?

Square is a financial services platform designed for SMEs. It enables businesses to accept mobile, online, and card payments. Square also provides hardware and software solutions for points of sale (POS). Using Square, small businesses can set up and run operations with all the payment solutions and analytics in one platform.


What is Square used for?

Square is used mainly for processing payments. The platform has wide applications in e-commerce for SMEs in retail, beauty, and restaurant businesses. Businesses can also run the operations of in-store pickup, online ordering, delivery, and shipment from the same application. The features make Square an important one-stop business suite for SMEs.