Excel Meta / Facebook Ads Overview Report Template

Excel Facebook Ads Report
If Excel is your preferred reporting tool, do check out the Excel Meta / Facebook Ads Overview Report Template.


This Meta / Facebook Ads Overview Report template helps you to visualise your Meta / Facebook Ads into Excel in a few clicks. Dimensions and metrics visualised in this report are:

  • Source
  • Campaign
  • Adset Name
  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Spend
  • Cost per conversion


as well as added calculated fields like CPC, CMP, and CTR.

There is a list of close to 300 metrics and dimensions available once you start customising the report. To find the full list head to Available metrics and dimensions. Even more details about the Meta / Facebook Ads metric you can find here.


It queries the data through our connector and makes it available in real time. Follow the steps outlined below to get your data connected.


Here are the steps to get you started:

  • Connect your Meta / Facebook Ads Data to Windsor.ai here.
  • Select at least one Meta / Facebook Ads account from the dropdown

Power BI Meta / Facebook Ads Dashboard 1

  • Download the template
  • Head to the sheet Instructions
  • Set up your data and edit the template to your liking


In case you have not used a template from Windsor.ai before, you will see a message about Privacy levels similar to the one below. Click on Ignore Privacy Levels checks for this file in case you see this message.


For more templates, check out our Marketing Template gallery. There, you can find examples for Google SheetsLooker StudioPower BITableau template and many more.

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