Looker Studio CRM Attribution Dashboard Template

Looker Studio CRM Attribution Dashboard Template

Ever wondered which and how many touch-points the leads in your CRM systems had with your brand before filling out a form?


CRM revenue attribution

Our B2B Attribution dashboard helps B2B marketers to understand the entire customer journey across Analytics and CRM data. Simply start and connect the data of both systems. To understand the ROI or CPA you can simply connect all your paid media activities. You can see top-level data from all your channels


and understand their contribution to your CRM goals. If you have additional channels (we support 70+ media cost sources) you will need to customise your dashboard a bit.


Currently supported CRM systems include:


The standard setup includes reporting on all channels on a Channel Groupings level to make it easy to understand for everyone (especially for non-technical users).



To start using it

  1. Configure the Looker Studio Connector: Ad Data + Attribution
  2. Make a copy the CRM Attribution Dashboard Template here
  3. Integrate to the CRM system of your choice by clicking on the respective logo


If you have any question do reach out to us on the chat.

Have fun connecting and drilling deep into your data!


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