Klaviyo Looker Studio Dashboard

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This dashboard, developed by our partners at Eaglytics Co, equips e-commerce marketers with a direct line of sight into their email campaign performance, leveraging Klaviyo data within Looker Studio to drive actionable insights.

Connectors Used

Problem It Solves

The dashboard addresses critical e-commerce marketing challenges, including engagement tracking, conversion analysis, and overall campaign effectiveness, by distilling complex data into digestible metrics.

Questions That Can Be Answered by Using This Dashboard Template

  1. Overview page
  • How many emails were delivered, and what were the open and click-through rates?
  • What is the trend in subscriber growth or decline over a specified period?

2.Major KPIs I page – Subscriber Engagement 

  • Which campaigns achieved the highest engagement in terms of open and click-through rates?
  • How do the engagement rates vary across different campaigns or over time?

3.Major KPIs II page – Conversion and Revenue Analysis

  • What revenue was generated from email campaigns during a certain timeframe?
  • What is the average purchase value or conversion rate from email recipients?


These questions are directly aligned with the insights available from the dashboard, providing a clear understanding of email campaign performance, engagement levels, and financial impact. ​

Each page is purposefully designed to turn complex data into clear, actionable insights, tailored to the needs of marketing professionals in the e-commerce space. Get the template here.