Google PageSpeed Insights Dashboard Templates

Free Google PageSpeed Insights templates by help you monitor your website’s performance using real-time dashboards. Use express dashboards to improve the web performance of all your sites. Our templates are easy to use and highly customizable. Connect your Google PageSpeed Insights data to the templates to generate reports in minutes. Our Google PageSpeed Insights templates gallery gives you a wide variety of report templates to get you started.

Benefits of Using Google PageSpeed Insights Dashboards

Google PageSpeed Insights dashboards are free. You will not be charged any money to generate reports using the templates. The tools are designed to save you money and significantly slash the time taken to generate your web performance reports. Here are other benefits of using the free Google PageSpeed Insights performance dashboards;


Understand How Users Interact With Your Website

Using the free dashboards provides an easy way to analyze your page insights, including speed index, First Contentful Paint (FCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Estimated Input Latency (EIL), among other metrics. Understanding the metrics informs actions about improving the website. Most importantly, developers make data-driven decisions to improve user engagement on the platform. Free Google PageSpeed Insights dashboards help the developers focus on important metrics and dimensions, hence improving user experience.


Improve Search Engine Ranking of Your Website

Google PageSpeed Insights is useful for finding technical issues that affect your website’s functionality and ranking on search engines. Using the Google PageSpeed Insights dashboard templates enables tracking of all technical issues and results in rapid resolution of the issues. Through active monitoring of technical issues affecting your SEO ranking, you can correct issues more promptly and improve your site’s visibility and discoverability on the search engines. Google PageSpeed Insights contributes directly to your SEO ranking improvements.


Real-time Improvement of Website Speeds

Google PageSpeed Insights are built to help developers detect performance problems on websites and web pages. With the free templates, you can monitor performance in real-time. The result of real-time monitoring of website performance using real-time dashboards is that you can take corrective measures anytime the website faces performance challenges, as per the metrics in Google PageSpeed Insights. Real-time improvement of website performance improves speeds and user experience on your websites.


Improved User Experience and Conversions

Enhanced website speeds translate to improved business outcomes through better user experience. This can mean increased conversions or sales revenues for e-commerce platforms. It can also increase user engagement for marketing and informational organizations. Whatever the business outcome, using the free Google PageSpeed Insights report templates enables early detection of web performance challenges and subsequent correction to improve results.


Automated Marketing Reports

Google PageSpeed Insights templates automate your reports. Automation enables the scheduling of report production using the scheduling features. Apart from scheduled updates, automation enables you to generate the report in minutes whenever it is required. The only requirement is connecting your data source to the free Google PageSpeed Insights templates, and the reports will be ready whenever you need them. Automation saves the time needed to prepare your Google PageSpeed Insights reports, enabling you to focus on developing your platform and making other business decisions.



What is Google PageSpeed Insights?

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool provided to help businesses monitor user experience on websites. The tool monitors speeds on different types of devices, including mobile and desktop devices. Based on the speeds recorded by users and using standard website performance metrics, Google PageSpeed Insights helps identify areas of weakness in website performance. The platform also provides suggestions about how websites and webpages can be improved to increase the speeds and enhance user experience across different devices.


What is Google PageSpeed Insights used for?

Google PageSpeed Insights is used by developers to efficiently track and improve web page performance. The tool captures both lab and field data that developers can use to debug website issues. Field data is used to capture the website’s performance based on real-world user experience. Lab data is collected in a controlled environment and is used to prepare the websites for varied user scenarios. Overall, the data is used to improve user experience.



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