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Free CMO Dashboard Templates with easy-to-follow instructions for connecting your own data.


What is a CMO dashboard?

A CMO Dashboard offers a comprehensive means of monitoring and assessing the efficiency of your marketing endeavors by providing a centralized display of vital key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics. This tool gathers data from various marketing channels and platforms, presenting it in a unified and easily accessible format. It serves as an invaluable decision-making resource for CMOs, business owners, and Boards of Directors, offering insights into the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

An effective CMO dashboard typically encompasses key marketing metrics such as:

  1. Acquisitions (e.g., from search engines, social media)
  2. Conversions (including emails, advertisements, organic methods)
  3. SEO (covering domain rankings, backlinks, keywords, and content expenditures)
  4. Reputation (including reviews and testimonials)
  5. Presence (indicating social media page likes and follows)
  6. Website performance (comprising speed reports and identification of 404 errors)



What is the significance of a CMO Marketing Dashboard?

As a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), your primary responsibility is to address significant challenges for your clients, and a CMO dashboard plays a pivotal role in streamlining this process, enhancing your ability to do so effectively. A well-designed CMO dashboard should encompass metrics from all the services or platforms your client utilizes, with a specific focus on the unique aspects of their business.

Furthermore, your personal CMO dashboard should align with the roles and responsibilities of your team. Each team member should be accountable for various key KPIs, and the dashboard allows you to monitor their effectiveness, ensuring that your marketing strategies stay on course.

Maintaining a comprehensive overview of all facets of your marketing strategies is crucial, not only for your clients but also for your decision-making process. The CMO dashboard should enable you to quickly discern what is working and what isn’t, allowing you to concentrate your efforts accordingly.

An effective dashboard should do 5 things well:

  1. Simplify the presentation of all collected data
  2. Construct a narrative from the data to provide a cohesive story
  3. Offer comparisons to facilitate a deeper understanding of the data
  4. Clearly convey priorities and guide attention to areas requiring focus
  5. Keep you updated on your team’s performance


As a CMO, effective communication of your efforts is essential, whether it’s to a CEO, Board of Directors, or business owner. A CMO dashboard simplifies this process by presenting a clear and concise overview of the successes achieved through your marketing strategy.



What are the benefits of CMO dashboards?

  1. You’ll access a KPI dashboard consolidating all your digital marketing analytics, encompassing everything from social media marketing to web analytics within a single interface.
  2. You’ll benefit from time savings as automated reports, updated at regular intervals, are conveniently delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly.



11 Marketing Metrics & KPIs for Your CMO Dashboard

1. Revenue by source
2. Cost & revenue
3. Conversion rates
4. Return on investments (ROI)
5. Google Analytics referral traffic
6. Google Analytics visits
8. Cost per click (CPC)
9. Google Ads conversions
10. Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
11. Return on advertising spend



Top CMO Dashboard Templates in 2024

Below, you’ll find a selection of widely used Chief Marketing Officer Dashboard examples:


  1. Social Media Dashboard
  2. SEO Analytics Dashboard
  3. PPC Dashboard
  4. Google Analytics 4 Dashboard
  5. Content Marketing Dashboard
  6. Email Marketing Dashboard
  7. Web Analytics Dashboard
  8. Lead generation dashboard
  9. E-Commerce Marketing Dashboard
  10. LinkedIn Ads dashboard
  11. Google Ads dashboard
  12. Facebook Ads dashboard
  13. Shopify Dashboard
  14. TikTok Ads Dashboard


In essence, a well-designed CMO dashboard consolidates crucial data points, providing a clear overview of marketing effectiveness and aiding informed decision-making.