Looker Studio Campaign Manager 360 (DCM) Overview Report

campaign manager 360 data studio dashboard

This Campaign Manager 360 Looker Studio report visualises your Campaign Manager 360 (formerly known as DoubleClick Campaign Manager/DCM) campaign, creative and placement data.

To keep the dashboard simple, we’re only using a few of the available dimensions available in our connector. The whole list of supported metrics and dimensions is further down below in this article.


This dashboard connects to the following data source

  • Campaign Manager 360


Connecting your data

The process to set up this dashboard shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes. Before you get started please make sure that you are logged in with a Google account which is linked to Google Campaign Manager 360.


Setting up the Looker Studio connector and dashboard

  1. Configure the Looker Studio Connector: Campaign Manager 360
  2. Once you have logged in with your Google Account click Finish
  3. Back in Looker Studio click CREATE REPORT


Interested in getting other channels connected please check out our Marketing Template Gallery.


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