Free Looker Studio BigCommerce Dashboard Template

Looker Studio BigCommerce Dashboard Templates creates free white-label BigCommerce reporting templates in Looker Studio to help you automate your ecommerce and marketing reports. The BigCommerce templates capture all key metrics, including sales, order volumes, and payments. The free BigCommerce templates are easy to use.


Why is BigCommerce Reporting Important?

BigCommerce reporting is important because it helps you scale and grow your business while you also adapt it to changing technological trends. BigCommerce reporting is also important in improving operational decisions.


Benefits of Using BigCommerce Reporting Dashboards

Here are more benefits of using BigCommerce templates in your reporting using Looker Studio:


Data-Driven Growth and Scaling

BigCommerce reporting using Looker Studio helps grow and scale your business based on data. That way, you can carefully select the BigCommerce components and tools necessary for your level of business activity. BigCommerce report templates help you pick the right tools at the right time.


Attract Customers Everywhere

Using BigCommerce dashboard templates, you can build marketing reports for every country that your online business serves. The templates also capture metrics from your various marketing and sales channels. Through comprehensive marketing reports, the BigCommerce templates help you attract customers and sell everywhere.


Ecommerce Performance Management in Real-Time

BigCommerce dashboard templates are real-time dashboards. The templates keep you updated about business performance and your business goals. You can, therefore, make strategic business decisions in real time and improve performance.


Optimize Checkout Experience

One way to enhance sales growth in your online business is by optimizing the checkout UX. With specific tools in BigCommerce designed to track UX across different payment gateways and tracking of the indicators in the Looker Studio reports for your BigCommerce platform, you can improve user experience and grow sales.


Increase Sales Revenues

The most important question that BigCommerce reporting helps you answer is how to increase sales. This can be about better management of order lists, shipping metrics, or products and services. It can also be about segmentation and targeting improvements. Whatever the case, BigCommerce templates for building your reports in Looker Studio provide all the information you need to improve sales. The templates are also highly customizable, so you can always highlight the metrics you consider most important for sales growth and improvement.


How to use it

  1. Configure the Looker Studio Connector:
  2. Once you finish installing the connector open the BigCommerce Performance Dashboard and make a copy of it (File -> Make a copy)
  3. Select the newly created data source.
  4. Now your dashboard is set up



What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a composable ecommerce development platform. It helps you to start, run, grow, and scale ecommerce operations by availing composable components along the growth path of your online business. BigCommerce provides solutions for all business sizes, so if you are a sole entrepreneur, SME, or large business, BigCommerce has the right built-in ecommerce features for you.


What is BigCommerce used for?

BigCommerce is used to grow and scale your online business. In doing so, BigCommerce promises to help you create, attract, sell, and simplify. Stated otherwise, it means that BigCommerce provides tools to build the business, market it, sell and receive payments, and when you need to change or adapt the business, you get tools to do it easily.