Looker Studio Google Analytics 4 Dashboard Template

GA4 - Overview

This template helps you to visualize your Google Analytics 4 data in Looker Studio in a few clicks. It allows you to understand the performance of your website at-a-glance and to easily drill-down into details.

Follow the steps outlined below to get your data connected.


How to use it

  1. Click on this link to open the template
  2. Make a copy of it (File -> Make a copy)
  3. For the new data source select CREATE NEW DATA SOURCE
  4. Under PARTNER CONNECTORS, go to EXPLORE CONNECTORS. Search for “Google Analytics 4 data. ” and add the connector.

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Covered Topics

1. Overview Page

Google Analytics 4 report template for Looker Studio - Overview

2. Visitors

Google Analytics 4 report template for Looker Studio - Visitors

3. Landing Pages

GA4 report template for Looker Studio - Landing Pages

4. Acquisition

GA4 report template for Looker Studio - Acquisition

5. Conversions

GA4 report template for Looker Studio - Conversions


Questions that can be answered by using this template

  1. How much traffic are you getting on your website?
  2. How many conversions do you have on your website? Where do converting users come from?
  3. Which devices and browsers are most commonly used to access your website?
  4. Which countries do your visitors come from?
  5. How many new vs returning visitors do you have?
  6. Which are the top traffic sources and campaigns?
  7. Which are your top landing pages?


If you are interested in integrating other channels or your analytics data together with your Google Analytics 4 data, please check out our Marketing Template Gallery.